Can people convicted of TREASON, ARSON IN H.M. DOCKYARDS and REGICIDE still be executed?

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    You can still be executed for treason and piracy!

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    First off, Regicide is High Treason, High Treason, before 1998 could have resulted in a sentance of death. However, since 1998, under the Human Rights Act, the death penalty for even those 3 offences has been abolished completely. Even under military law, the use of the death penalty has been abolished.

    There is no possibility of there being a sentance of death being handed down by the Courts in the United Kingdom.

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    Those are offences which still carry the potential for the death penalty. This means that a court COULD order the death penalty.

    BUT since the Human Rights Act came in, courts have been under a duty to make their decisions so that they're compatible with the convention on Human Rights. Protocol 6 to the convention prohibits the death penalty except in times of war. The protocol further provides that the UK must then make laws which provide the death penalty, and send details of them to the European Courts.

    So even if an offence currently carries the death penalty, courts are bound to give a lesser sentence.

    So your answer is no...

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    Since the abolishing of capital punishment for murder, the death sentence had remained in force for treason and piracy with violence. The use of capital punishment in these two instances was abolished in 1998 under the Crime and Disorder Act.

    On 27 January 1999, the UK Home Secretary (The Labour MP Jack Straw) signed the 6th protocol of the European Convention of Human Rights in Strasbourg. This move formally abolishes the death penalty in the UK.

    Members of Parliament have regularly debated the reintroduction of capital punishment since it was abolished for murder. In the last death penalty debate in 1994, MPs voted 363 to 186 against its return for people who had murdered a policeman. MPs voted 403 to 159 against introduction of capital punishment for all murderers.

    Source(s): Stephen resource page
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    In theory yes, treason is a crime against against the state, and I'm sure that the death penalty could be carried out. Its the one crime that is not covered by the act.

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    In the UK NO. did away with capital punishment in 1973, if my memory serves me right. You can only get prison sentences

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    Now we got the useless human rights law and the jails are over crowded they would probably get community service.

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    They were all rescinded last year before last I believe. except for treason.

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    Capital punishment has been abolished, so I say no.

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