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If Manning Wins The Super Bowl.......?

If Peyton Manning and the Colts win the Super Bowl next week how good a player would this class Manning? Also, if he has a great game how will this afftect his performance next year? Think he will be a lot better and more dangerous next year?

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    Manning is great regardless, but it would enhance his image and confidence for sure if he plays well in Miami. We'd probably see even more TV commercials with Peyton ....

    As far as next year goes, if Dungy retires, the Colts will go through a difficult transition. This year is their shot.

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    Manning will be a Colt for the rest of his career. He won't leave. There's no way to tell what will happen in 5 years, but I don't foresee the Colts winning another one in the next 2-3. I think there is a changing of the guard underway in the AFC. Teams like the Texans and Ravens are on the rise, while the former elite teams - the Chargers, Colts, and Patriots - are all showing signs of decay. I don't think that any of those latter three will make any more Super Bowls in the next few years. So I doubt that Manning will win another onw. But of course, I've been wrong about football many times.

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    Colts are gonna lose anyways. After playing a big game, there's bound to be disappointment the next game. Peyton is gonna play like Rex Grossman.

    But IF, and that's a big IF, the colts win, peyton will cement himself as one of the all-time greats. which i don't understand, because he's always been considered one of the all-time greats. if you see his play, watch him work the field, then you'll really understand how good he is. but the thing is, he's been good for so long, no one appreciates it anymore.

    and whoever wins, rex or peyton will join great super bowl winning quarterbacks like trent difler and brad johnson....

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    You mean WHEN he wins the Super Bowl

    He's already a great quarterback

    He just has a reputation of not winning a big game

    He's already a dangerous QB in the regular season

    This is THE year manning gets his ring....

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    If he wins the Super Bowl he will become Hall of Fame status. Yet next year he will do bad no matter what happens in the Super Bowl because he got there so there is no more drive.

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    Manning is the best quarterback in football. Imagine if Belichick was his coach, he'd have a few rings by now. I see him staying the same for the next 5 years, then age & hits will start factoring in.

    If anybody thinks the Bears are going to win, your on drugs. I define the Bears as the "luckiest team ever". They are the best team in the NFC, but there are 10 AFC teams that can pound them. Im just glad the Pats didn't win, or it would have been a complete blow out.

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    Of coarse he is already a Hall of Fame QB but this is what he really needs cause if he doesn't get it everyone will remember him for not being able to win the big game.....And if he does win the SB then he will have all the confidence going into next year cause he'll be a stud, a Champion......LET'S GO BEARS!!!

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    I'm not concerned with all that, you see, I'm a Bears fan!

    Honestly, the only reason the Colts won was because Brady didn't have enough time to pass the ball...the Colts defense will be nothing compared to the Bears!

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    He is already a superstar QB. Even if they lose (which they won't) he'll go down in history as one of the best QBs of all time. He's already potentially got a Hall of Fame slot lined up for the future.

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    if he wins then he wont be linked with dan marino anymore. marino was a great QB who never won it all. if peyton can do that he secures his spot in the hall of fame without any question of can he ever win the big game. all the yea buts will be ignored.

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