Indonesia, Mobile Pre-paid cards. How do I get them? Is it worth it?

I would be travelling to Indonesia, Bali quite frequently this year (about 2 times).. Actually been visiting there regularly twice every year.. I'm considering of getting a local mobile pre-paid card from there..

1) How much does it cost? Is it worth it?

2) Any resistrictions on forginers owning it?

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    1. a prepaid GSM card would cost you around 15.000 to 50.000 IDR, depends on the credit amount. a credit refill starts from 10.000 to 100.000 IDR. my recommendations are "XL bebas" or "Simpati"

    and i think it's worth it to make local calls or within indonesia.

    if you want to make international calls only, i suggest you go to a telecommunication shops (it's called a WARTEL) nearby. you'll find it everywhere in bali.

    2. once you activate the mobile prepaid cards, you need to register it. it can be done by sending a text message (sms).

    you'll need an adress and id card number (maybe a passport would do, i don't know...). but as far is i know, there's no restriction for foreigners.

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    If you have a GSM phone - you can go into any 7-11 store in Thailand (7-11 are everywhere!) and buy a SIM card for 500 baht ($15 includes some minutes). They all work so doesn't matter if you get DTAC, AIS, etc. Just put the SIM card into your GSM phone and it will work. Calls to the USA cost 10 baht/minute - so it is worth it for sure to call home or locally in Thailand. The more you charge it up the longer the number os good for. So a 100 baht recharge is good for 1 month, a 500 baht recharge is good for 3 months, etc. Even if your card runs down to $0, you can recharge it (by buying a recharge card at any 7-11) and it will work again - as long as you use it within 4 months of it running out of money. I hope my answer is the most clear!

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    Yes, it is worth to have local mobile card coz it would cost your phone call cheaper..

    I think since you only visit regularly to Indonesia, just buy the GSM card type..You can buy Simpati, XL or Mentari (the best among others). It cost around IDR 100 thousand and its already include the IDR 100 thousand credit..

    There is no restriction to buy a prepaid card, but you should registered your card due to the new government regulation..but you just need to inform your passport number, current place and send it via sms..It's easy to do..

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    I am not 100% sure but hope this helps:

    1) You can get the "Simpati" or "Mentari" Prepaid cards (they have better reputation, quality and service). The new card + number costs about 100 thousand rupiah (with 75 thousand worth of value), and the reload/top-up card is100 thousand rupiah. Both Simpati and Mentari valids for 30 days after activation. Overall Mentari card has cheaper calling and sms rates than Simpati, but any unused value in the card (if you don't top-up) would be terminated after 30 days.

    Of course using prepaid number is more expensive than post-paid one, but if you are not a heavy user, and considering the troublesome for foreigner to apply for a post-paid number, I would say using prepaid number is worth it and convenient.

    2) There is no restrictions for foreigner to own a prepaid number (perhaps only noting down your id).

    Source(s): Used Mentari card before and my expenses was about 300-400 thousand rupiah per month. Not much in calling but quite a lot of overseas sms.
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    the answers of your questions :

    1) depends. IDR 50.000, IDR 100.000.. some of the operator even offer IDR 25.000 and IDR 5.000 for prepaid voucher. for prepaid card number, usually around IDR 25.000

    2) there're no restrictions for foreigners to own & use it

    but let's see...

    1) how often do you visit Indonesia ? 'coz this mobile prepaid card number have an expire date (it'll be inactivated if you don't use it for - for example - 2 or 3 months)

    2) how often do you make calls when you in Indonesia ? if it not so often, better get a usual phone card...

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    To use local prepaid card for mobile its all depend on your purpose.

    If you are going to use it for International call, then recommend you to stick with phone card, instead of using pre-paid (GSM platform). Prepaid card normally great if you travel heavily within Indonesia (cheaper compare to post paid bcos of the free roaming), limited budget (this reason applied to locals of why chosing pre paid card), or frequent traveller like you (cheap and "disposable")

    No restriction whatsoever, only you have to register your id (in this case would be your passport) to the provider. Instruction is available in the card.

    I m not sure where you come from. Nowadays in Indonesia we have CDMA platform in addtion to GSM.

    CDMA platform require different handset than GSM, but if its possible for you to use it in your country (not only in Indonesia) then, try to use ESIA. Esia offer a nice rate for International calls.

    They also have pre-paid number for CDMA.

    Hope this help

  • 1) It costs about Rp 100 thousands rupiah => US$11.

    For local usage or receiving incoming call from overseas, it's worth for money. you can check for details.

    2) Foreigners just need to register by sms and type your particular such us passport number and its validity.

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    yeah it's worth it.. it's so cheap.. n you can pay them in advance so it will last for 6 months or something.. plus they have so many different pre paid card nowadays.. they have just local call phone now called esia, flexi..

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