Can an iron-on be removed and put back on?

My daughter recently joined Girl Scouts and when I ironed on her intial badges, I put the American Flag on the wrong side of the vest. Is it possible to remove the badges I ironed on and re-iron them back onto the vest in the right spot?

If not, does anyone know how strict the Girl Scouts are about that sort of thing? I'd hate to spend the money on the vest and badges all over again.


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  • 1 decade ago
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    Heat the patch with your iron and remove the patch when hot, any glue still on there can be removed with "Goo Gone" then you can get iron on interfacing and iron it onto the patch then iron it onto the uniform.

    Source(s): scout leader over 20 years
  • 1 decade ago

    Ironing them back on wont be that big a deal, I would just try to go over them afterwards with a needle and thread around each patch to be safe. BUT, the adhesive may still be on the old spot. If thats the case, you'll have to peel that up, or get a new shirt or vest or whatever it is that they were ironed on as that stuff is a pain to come up once its set into the fabric.

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