Why In the UK, car number plates are a diffrent colour?

They are white in the front with black letters and numbers, yellow on the rear of the car, with black numbers and letters, no one seems to know???

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  • Neil
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    When reflective plates were introduced in 1972, the most easy to read is black lettering on white, so that was chosen for the front. however, in the UK it is illegal to have a white light source visible from the rear unless reversing, and that includes reflective sources, so another colour had to be found, and yellow was the next most clear to read, so that was chosen for the rear.

  • Lorna
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    4 years ago

    JIL 1234 is from County Fermanagh in Northern Ireland. When the rest of the the UK introduced the year identifier to registration plates between 1962 and 1965, Northern Ireland had no need to do so, as the number of cars registered there was still quite low. When the rest of the UK changed the system in 1983 and again in 2001, again Northern Ireland had no reason to do so, although the current system has been designed to allow Northern Ireland to adopt if if necessary. Effectively Northern Ireland is still running the pre-1962 system. Up to 1989, Northern Ireland plates worked on a system of AXX 1 to AXX 9999, followed by BXX 1. From 1989, the 1, 2 and 3 digit numbers have been retained for sale, so the normally-issued numbers now run from AXX 1000 to AXX 9999, followed by BXX 1000. The digits represented by "XX" above represent the county or city in which the car was first registered, and always include an "I" or a "Z". If you see a similar number without an "I" or "Z" then it is a older England, Scotland or Wales number from before the 1962-1965 adoption of the age identifier.

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    Ni Number Plates

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    They are reflective so they can be seen easily in the dark. Introduced in 1972 to replace the white on black plates. The different colours are simply to show front and rear., white to the front to match front lighting and yellow to make the rear easier to see. Red plates are not easy to see. Northern Irish plates used to be red.

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    Number Plates Ni

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    the answer to your question is simple. it is an offence to have a white light showing at the rear of your vehicle this includes reflecting light by means of a number plate. although there are exceptions to the law ie. emergency vehicles, breakdown vehicles etc. also worthy of note your not allowed to drive with your interior light on for the same reasons

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    They are Northern Ireland plates but some vehicles in Great Britain have them as personal/vanity plates (usually to hide the vehicles age).

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    when driving if you look in your rear view mirror you should be able to view the number plate of the vehicle behind you without difficultly - and the yellow is less reflective than white when headlights are shining on it so less glare

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    it is illegal to show a white light to the rear of any road vehicle while in a forward motion. Think about it, a reflected white light to the rear would be illegal too.

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    the yellow ones at the rear are a reflective colour so as to be visible in police car headlights and speed camera detectors

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