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do rawhide dog chews dissolve once swollowed?

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    Not ALWAYS. A lot of dogs chew raw hides, and they swallow pieces of them. Most do not have a problem, but i work at a vet clinic, and we take out a lot of raw hide pieces from the intestines. Because they are tough, they do not digest well, and can cause a blockage in the intestines. If this happens and it is not taken care of it is deadly. The best thing to give your dog to chew are things they can not rip pieces off of and swallow. And if you do still give raw hides, only give them to your dog when you can supervise him. Cut off the end when it gets soft enough that the dogs and chew it off. And also throw it away when it gets small enough to swallow. I hope this helps.

    Source(s): work at a vet clinic. We have removed raw hides from a dog's intestines before.
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    No. Large pieces of rawhide have been known to cause obstructions of the airway and intestines. There are dogs known to have died through eating rawhide chews.

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    NO! They are a choking hazard. When large pieces are swallowed the cause obstructions. Many is the dog that had to have surgery to have a chunk of rawhide removed.

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    Dogs can choke on rawhide and can get intestinal blockage, but I do not know if they dissolve. I recommended not giving these to dogs, try pig ears.

  • No. Most of the rawhides are made from cow skin. It's a indisgestable object and will come out in the faeces.

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    No....I have an English Bulldog that eats and swallows everything. My vet and several other people that I have spoke to say not to give them to your dogs. Nylabone makes a disolving bone that will break down in the stomach, I suggest those. They are more expensive but much cheaper than surgery....Trust me I know, my dog had 2 in 10 days and it cost me almost $10K. Not cheap.

    Source(s): Experience
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    They do not dissolve - and can even swell in the digestive tract causing blockage. People buy them because dogs will chew them anyway, and they're cheap. They're dangerous, though. I avoid them.

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