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I hold degrees in Business Administration & Human Resource Management and have many, many years of management experience in the corporate world & also in the not-for-profit & government sector and, have been sort of semi-retired and now am looking for a full time position. I can handle many types of opportunities and I am looking in the Northern/Northwest counties of New Jersey & Southern New York state county areas, and am very interested also in the Roanoke, (Southwest) VA area. Does anyone have any leads? I am on all the major online job boards (Monster, etc.), and would appreciate any direct employment leads. Thanks.


Just a further note; I also professionally counsel in job searching & career & resume skills & what I am really looking for in here are direct employment leads in the specific geographic areas mentioned.Thanks again for any help.

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    I too have a BA in Human Resource Management. I just graduated a few weeks ago, and I got a job with IBM. I would look into their business consulting, its a great opportunity!

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    Search all these site every other day for new positions. If you search daily you may not see much of an update.

    Good Luck to you.

    Also check the local colleges in your area. They hire alot with great benefits.

    I wish you the best enjoy 2007.

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