Why do car thieves try to jam open the hood of my car from the side of the driver's side?

I have an eleven year old honda civic who has been sticking some kind of tool to jam open my hood from the side. The person who has been working on it has created a wide gap. To me, there's no point in trying to break into my car the way this mysterious individual or two was doing, but why do thieves try and break into other people's car? Why can't they car shop by the legal way?


If these individuals steal parts to my car then that would cause my car to break down obviously and I won't be able to go to work and etc. What would happen to me? I mean, this car is only transportation that I've got. Why would someone do this?

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    If they were trying to steal the whole car they would probably go through the window/door. Going through the hood makes me think they're after your parts. If they have been to your car more than once they'll probably be there again. I recommend a car alarm that is sensitive enough to know when someone's prying the hood open or breaking a window. I'm surprised they haven't broken a window and used the hood popper by now. That might be next on their list, but these guys sound pretty stupid.

    Pick a night to watch the car all night. Hide out of sight with a bright spotlight and a hose with a high pressure nozzle. When you see them prying at your car turn the spotlight on their face so they still can't see your identity and spray them with freezing cold hosewater. They will be startled, cold and wet. For all they know there's a big angry man hiding behond that spotlight. They'll probably run off, but have backup with you in case they don't. I think it's safe to say you're not dealing with a professional thief.

    If you live in an apartment complex tell the office they need better security for the parking lot at night. If you're going to electrify your car like that other person suggested, maybe put a sign in the window as fair warning so an innocent person doesn't accidentally brush against your car and get electrocuted. If you're in an apartment complex electrifying your car probably isn't the best idea. Your neighbors could get zapped bringing in groceries from their car, and that wouldn't be nice.

    If your car is an old jalopy like my old Honda was, and you're not worried about the body condition you can get a metal plate as long as that side of the hood and bolt or JB Weld it to the hood, covering the gap so there's nowhere on that side to wedge a crowbar. Don't JB Weld the hood shut or you won't be able to feed your car oil and other important things like that. JB Weld can be found at most car part stores, it's really easy to use, has many creative uses and it's like glue made out of metal. Be sure to allow plenty of time for the stuff to dry before the next time you drive.

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    Thieves Hood

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    The same thing happened to be except it was my Front door. Turns out that my brother just stuck a pencil in there. A pencil lead was stuck. Maybe a paperclip part is left over. I would reccomend that you push the car key in as much as possible then lightly tap it in. But you should go to a mechanic. It shouldn't be too expensive, no doubt that it'll cost over 45 dollars at the nearest one to mine.

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    They probably want some parts off of yours. Some people would rather steal than work, they are of no use. Hope they don't get your hood open.

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    They're probably after your car battery. Try unhooking the positive battery terminal and finding somewhere on the body in the engine compartment to attach it. When said theif comes to pry again, they'll get exactly what they were after... Electricity. If you need to use car, best to get some rubber gloves to open hood again. Have fun, don't fry yourself.

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    because they stupid. why not just break your window and open the hood from the latch inside the car?

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    Because they're crazy for your car

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    Because frankly not everyone is smart or doesn't have a good outlook on life.

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    probably need parts for their civic.

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