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Why are there no flies, mosquitoes etc. in Singapore?

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    Yes, there are flies and mosquitoes around in Singapore. Of course every country has them. Singapore is also not an exception. Some hawker centres have flies & croaches but mostly have been eliminated by the pest busters & cleaners, hired by our National Environment Agency (NEA). Neighbourhood areas are sprayed with insecticide to kill the lavaes and other pests.

    It is just that Singapore is willing to spend a lump sum of money on environmental cleaning. And Singapore's government knows that if a country is filthy, transmission of plagues and epidemic diseases will be widely spreaded. Thus, many people will get infected and die. They're actually doing a great job in keeping our country clean & hygienic.

    Not only that, it also builds Singapore with a good coporate country image, which in turn attracts more tourists, boasts our tourism businesses, gives a good reputation & builds up good rapport between many countries.

    In any fact, we're cleaner than many countries in terms of hygiene & cleanliness. That is why Singapore has been branded as one of the cleanliest countries on earth.

    I'm lucky to have been considered fortunate to live in Singapore, in such a clean & green homeland, with no poverty, no natural disasters and living together with nice people who comes from different countries & cultures to join us as one community. Cheers!

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      And no poverty? Perhaps you need to get out of your bubble to see reality.

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    The medical answer seems that the human body provides off pheromones and carbon dioxide in various quantities which attracts the coolest previous mossie and flies to some human beings and under no circumstances others how authentic that's no one is extremely confident . As a smoker i'm getting a lot of interest from mossies yet my spouse receives none in any respect so on those extremely warm nights sleep is almost not a chance I both fry because I even ought to cover myself up or finally end up as a mossie picnic table yet the missus can stay uncovered oh and also you may devour or positioned on as a lot garlic as you want it received't end the little so and so's.

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    There ARE flies or mosquitos, you just haven't seen them yet. But mainly Singapore is quite clean. You won't see flies everywhere you look. But there are flies in some places. They come out usually when there's rain or if there's food and there's an open window.

    Trust me, you'll find yourself bitten some day. That's why I have bug repellent anytime I go to a park or Sentosa...

    Source(s): Lived in Singapore for most of my life
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    There are definitely flies and mosquitoes etc in Singapore.. Occasionally a fly will fly into my dining room when my mum cooks prawns or salted fish.. My cousin always get bitten in school by mosquitoes despite having mosquito patches pasted on his school uniform.. Haha..

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    I know someone in the government, and he told me that the government try to get rid of those undesirable insects by occasionally spraying over the island. It doesn't mean that there's no fly and mosquito in SG, but there's less.

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    There are mosquitoes in Singapore, I have the scars on my legs when I was bitten April to prove it.

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    I've travelled to Singapore on two occasions and have never been bitten or even seen a mossie during my 3 day stop-over its an exceptional clean city

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    I'm sure there are.. I was there as a kid.. I don't remember flies or mosquitos but insects are everywhere and if there are none, there is something wrong with the environment.

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    Ang Mo Kio ,Hougang, Yishun hawker centers worse

    flies n mosquitoes everywhere

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    Jurong hawker centers are dirtiest ,full of flies , cockroahes and mosquitoes also ,in Jurong areas

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