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Irish Coffee for afters?

I want to serve Irish Coffees after Xmas dinner this year but need advice on how to serve this successfully ..... should I use special glasses? What type of cream to use? What type of coffee? Use sugar in the coffee? How much whisky should go in? And most important, how to achieve that perfect cream topping in one go!

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    I have made a million of these in my time, and also learnt the tricks for customers who didn't want sugar etc. so there are always ways to make it work! Please never use whipped cream though - it ruins them!

    Its simply a matter of science. The cream floats because of the solution of coffee, sugar and alcohol. The sugar is important as it supports the cream.

    You should use tall glass latte mugs, or if you cant get hold of these (then wine glasses are suitable)

    Buy Irish Whisky and make good filter coffee.

    This method is guaranteed.

    Put a metal spoon in the glass and fill it with hot water. Allow to stand so that the glass is hot, now pour away the water.

    Now add a generous scoop of brown sugar to the glass and add a generous 30ml of whisky. Pop the metal spoon back in and pour coffee into the glass so that there is a good1/2 inch left at the top.

    Stir the coffee to make the sugar melt, once you can see that there are no granules floating around, it is ready to add the cream.

    Use double cream, poured from the carton into a jug to make it easier for you. Stir so that there are no lumps!

    Take the spoon that was in the coffee, shake it dry and place spoon side up (not upside down) so that it is just touching the coffee and the side of the glass. Tilt it towards the glass side.

    Slowly pour cream into the spoon. Do not move the spoon as the coffee fills it and starts to flow around the sides of the glass.

    Once the top of the coffee is covered gently remove the spoon.


    If guests dont want sugar you can still do it this way, just give the cream a good shake to get a little air in (dont whip) and be more careful when pouring. With no sugar coffees the cream does float initially bit will start to mix with the coffee really quickly. You need to get these out to the table as soon as you pour them.

    You can use less alcohol if you wish, or a different alcohol to make different types of coffee.

    Never sprinkle chocolate on the top - at the most you could float a coffee bean on top of the cream! Mashed up flake goes well on top of the cream if you make a coffee without any alcohol - otherwise the taste of the chocolate taints the alcohol.

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    I use large wine glasses because the pub I work in doesn't have Irish Coffee Glasses. Put 2 teaspoons of brown sugar in the glass then add a shot of whiskey (I use 25ml or 50ml because it's a pub, 25 is normally plenty) Make the coffee up in a jug if you can, make it quite strong. POur the coffee over the whiskey. YOu can layer double cream on top of the coffee, use a dessert spoon and place it just on top of the coffee then pour the cream over the back of the spoon, this should sit on top of the coffee. If you're in a hurry or can't get it to layer use squirty cream. Practise before your dinner, with regular coffee.

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    This drink is so nice i could easily become addicted! I use single cream as its healthier than double cream, use irish coffee and brown sugar.

    I'd say buy some tall(ish) glasses as well and with a handle if possible (due to heat thru glass as u prob know).

    But add the sugar 1st, then coffee then boiling water. It shouldnt need mixing too much so try to prevent this as its supposed to be sweeter at the bottom. Once the water has settled, tilt glass to the side and run the cold cream down the side and it should stay at the top.

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    Use tall clear Glass type cups. Normally 25ml of Irish Whisky is enough more if you like. Add coffee and sugar is otional.

    Use fresh whipping cream and whip till it starts to thicken but not too thick. Pur over back of a soup spoon I find works best, and do so gently to allow the cream to float on top of the coffee, sprinkle with a little chocolate powder and there you go.

    Good luck

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    Use tall, clear glasses rather than ceramic cups or mugs (easily obtainable). Maybe with a handle.

    Use double cream, whipped.

    Use Columbian coffee.

    Do not put sugar in it, offer that separately

    As much whiskey as you think best, but IRISH whiskey, such as Jameson.

    Put the cream through a mixer until airy, then scoop slowly and carefully onto the coffee.

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    I used to work in a Berni Inn (probably before your time)

    To make sure the cream floats, you don't need sugar. Use double cream and shake it in the carton. Pour it slowly over the back of a spoon. It works every time. I saw £100 bet won many times 30 years ago. Happy Christmas.

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    Your answers are generally good, but the one vital ingredient which is missing is EXPERIANCE, making irish coffee to perfection takes dedication and a very strong want to be the best.

    It takes a long time to consistantly produce these beauties to a standard that would satisfy the most demanding of people.

    Good luck and keep on trying.

    Source(s): I consider myself (because of my modisty ) to be the 2nd greatest irish coffee maker in the world , I have yet to meet the best.
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    the terrific is on the Fox Tavern on the hoop of Kerry. a million cup (8-oz) heavy cream 3 tablespoons granulated sugar 6 cups reliable, warm black coffee 3/4 cup Irish whiskey making use of an electric powered mixer, beat the cream with a million tablespoon of sugar till gentle peaks style. set aside. combine final sugar, coffee and whiskey. Pour into mugs and acceptable with whipped cream. Serve right this moment.

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    the whiskey ,bushmills is best , goes on top of the coffee,lightly whip a tabelspoon of cream,place on top , then pour the remaining cream on to each glassgently over to top up.this is an easy way to keep the cream on from sinking . make sure you warm the glasses first. do make sure you pratice ,you can always drink the spoiled virsions yourself. merrryyy chrristmas ssfrom ireland

    Source(s): years of making them
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    Irish Coffee serves with Bailey's is my idea.

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