How did socialism start?

I really need to know, i'm in class and i'm doing research but i can't find anything!!

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    Socialism's roots go far back beyond Marx's works. Church's actually led the first socialist movements. The US gave birth to many of Socialism's key concepts.

    The modern "Socialist" concept has become corrupted to mean Marxism which is very different than the core meaning and history of Socialism. Marx adopted many Socialist concepts and expanded them or replaced them.

    Marx wrote what he felt was a more just and equitable society based of his experience with the rements of the feudal class system in Europe during his day. A form of Democracy was finally taking firm roots in Europe. Even as late as Marx's time the common man had little chance of overcoming low birth. Thus class warfare is a major part of Marx's writings and central to every aspect of his idealogy. So to see the roots of Marxism you have to first understand feudalism and the way it lingered on for centuries even after officially being abolished. Then you can understand the context of Marx's writings. It is a world that long ago went away. The last vestiges still remain such as the English Royal Family. They are cerimonial and have no real impact today.

    So it depends on what deff of socialism you are looking for. No party that I know of practices traditional Socialism. All have replaced it with Marxist or Marxist inspired quasi socialist ideals. The origional Socialistic concepts date back to 1700s and influenced even the founding fathers of the US. You find many of them embedded in the Constitution and in laws passed over the years. Prisons for example were one of the first major socialist contributions to society. Before prisons came about, people generally were either publicly punished with physical punishments, financially punished or executed. There was not much inbetween. The first prisons date back many years. Socialists in the early 1800s made major penal reforms in the US which quickly spread to the rest of the world completely redefining crime and punishment. That is an example of early Socialism in the US and it's predating Marx.

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    When Did Socialism Start

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    It started as a reaction to Capitalism in the 19th century. The workers had no right and had to work long hours in filthy situation. Even children had to work and there was no mandatory schooling or healtcare.

    Socialism started as a way of protection of human rights and to safeguarding the sancticity of life (specially those in society who are not strong enough - physically or mentally).

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