Song Titles From A Story?

Fred Wood and Frank Plank had a joinery business but Fred died and went to heaven. After ten years God said to Fred that as an angel he would grant him one wish. Fred said that he would like to see his friend Frank. God said that as an angel he could visit Frank but he had to take and return with his harp. When Fred went to the joinery business all he found was a disco. He met Frank and asked what went wrong. Frank said that discos were all the rage. Disappointed Fred returned to heaven. God said to Fred on his return " where is your harp"? and Fred said "I've left my harp in Frank Planks Disco".

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  • 1 decade ago
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    lol, cool. not brilliant, but is amusing

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    Dan Fran went to heaven and San Fran went to hell- the angels let Dan Fran visit San Fran, and when Dan Fran got to hell, he realised it was quite fun there... San Fran had opened a sleazy discotheque, where the damned boogied on down with the demons all through the eternal, soul-chilling night... of course, Dan Fran got right on down, but when he was recalled to heaven, St Peter stopped him at the gate- 'where's your harp' Dan Fran was asked- then he realised 'I left my harp in San Fran's Disco'...

    Sure, but who knows that song now? I know that version of the joke, but not the song itself... crazy...

  • 1 decade ago

    sam and janet evening there will be a stranger....(.some enchanted.). liked it, it reminded me of this one and it brought back some memories. good ones...

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    1 decade ago

    Did not understand that at all.

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