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Best high speed multi-communication method at lowest cost.?

I am in USA zip code 10925 and am helping a friend set up a multi-purpose link to the internet, handle voice telephone communications, and also be able to do credit/debit card transaction processing, maintain their website, etc. all through one link up which me guessing, will probably turn out to be a cable link up. Verizon access is available as well as satellite. Note: dial up service via the phone company (Verizon) is too slow. We want to also stay away from Verizon if at all possible due to past bad experiences.

Can anyone recommend the proper configuration by cable, telephone, or satellite supplier (company) and the related monthly costs and if any contract is needed? Also, what specific equipment is needed? They already have a PC.


Also want to receive premium TV channels a lowest cost.

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    In terms of connection type, it can vary. For example, I live in 10958 (just around the corner from you) and can only get DSL through Frontier, as I'm too far from the nearest cable lines. Satellite, in my opinion, is only a last resort option.

    It sounds like you're setting this up for a business, so I would recommend an ADSL (asymetric DSL) line from the phone provider. ; more reliable connection with dedicated bandwidth. However, it can be rather expensive. I know you also don't want to deal with Verizon, but their business account support and reps are much better to deal with then personal account support.

    Next on the list would be a cable connection. Good overall speed, but this can vary depending on the amount of local traffic.

    You'll have to double check your cable provider (or give the name) to get an idea of the pricing.

    The company providing the connection generally provides a modem, but I would place a router after that. This would enable the incoming signal to be split among multiple machines and also provide a level of defence against outside intrusions.

    For Voice needs, Voice Over IP (VOIP) is the only way to do. I have multiple lines with Vonage, and love them. Great price, features set and reliability. Only lost a connection with them once in 2+ years of using them...and that was back up within minutes.

    **Update: Cable connection than...get your channels through that. Do not go with a carrier provided VOIP solution. They cost more than they are worth.

    **Update 2: I'm sorry, but Soon's has the best unpasteurized apple cider around.

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    I use Cox Cable Digital TV/Internet/ VoIP for $135\mo

    Over 150 channels of digital TV.

    Internet a 6Mbps\512Kbps.

    VoIP. I had BellSouth and switched. Saving $35\mo

    I noticed another member reply referring to cable being less reliable then ADSL. This is not true. One can be better or worst depending on the infurstructure. I have been on both cable and ADSL. Cable at home since '97(beta tester) and ADSL at work since 2002. The reason I have stayed with COX at home was the cost savings and reliability. I am happy with BellSouth at my buniess.

    For a website look at "Microsoft Live!". You can start a basic website and they even give you your domain name. All free.

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    Just go with the company that gives you the greatest uplink (besides verizon). As long as he has all teh necessary equipment for the VOIP phone and Credit/Debit equipment he should be okay..just get a router so he can share the connection among the devices.

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