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official Princess Diana inquiry to be held next month - about time the rest of the Royals were jailed?

she was clearly murdered for wanting to marry a muslim, Dodi Al Fayed who was also conveniently killed in the crash.

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    All of the European monarchies are cousins. None of them wanted to have a Arab for a cousin let alone the next king of England brothers an Arab.

    Queen Elizabeth is German.

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    They were upset because Diana chose to air the family's dirty laundry by helping Andrew Morton write Diana:Her True Story.They were upset with both Diana and Charles for taking their feud public,both granting interviews and helping authors write biographies.Royals never want too much light shown upon them,it lets the magic out,as George V once said.Royal pageantry and Royal duties are different and separate from private lives.The public pays for the pageantry,for the duties to charities,business and government,and not for tawdry private life.

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    I agree totally with Bazil. Her death will be a controversy for many, many years to come, just as that of Marilyn Monroe. People just can't get past the fact that she died so suddenly and so young. But I do believe it was just that, a tragic accident. I also don't believe she was at all intent on marrying Dodi Al Fayed, any more than I believe Marilyn Monroe was murdered.

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    There is a suggestion that her murder was a rehearsal for murdering the late Yugoslav president Milosevic, may God avenge his death, who was murdered in the Hague captivity, by the "judges" denying him the medical care he needed.

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    i'm still undecided on this one.

    Yes, there was a car accident and she wasn't wearing a belt and that is why she died.

    However, I don't think it was just driver error or something like that that caused the accident, I think it was caused for a reason.

    Does that make sense?

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    people cared about her and its hard for them to accept she went out in such a final way without any extra drama being attached to her death

    it was a car accident..she wasnt wearing a seatbelt..she died..end of story

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    how come those devout muslims had a drunk chaufeur on the payroll?

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