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English to Italian Translation?

I've tried the online translations but I keep getting different answers so I would love it if an Italian or someone who is fluent could translate this message for me:

"Wishing you all the best for Christmas and the New Year, may it be everything you dream of

Lots of love"

If it helps, I'm putting this into a Christmas card for an Italian guy I'm completely besotted with!



PS - thanks eveyone for your responses. I chose one at random as there were so many! I have no idea if the one I chose is correct and what the object of my affection will think. I can only hope he'll be impressed enough that I made the effort. I do agree with the comment that Italian guys are the best - i certainly think so!!

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    augurandoti( ti auguro) un felice natale e anno nuovo e che siano tutto quello che hai sempre sognato. con tanto amore.

    i am italian so it doesnt get better than that.

    ps italian guys are the best believe me i am italian so i think i know .

    my translation is perfect just so you know nobody translated the last bit right.

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    Augurandoti tutto il meglio per il Natale ed il Nuovo Anno,possa avverarsi (you may also say "realizzarsi") tutto ciò che che sogni.

    Con tanto amore.

    PS I feel what has been posted here below by Siliadityr is unfair and not correct. I'm native and resident in Italy and itsn't true my translation is wrong. Also I feel such a kind of comments on other answers should be disregarded.Mine is a literal translation respecting the original text. If you need for a free interpretation I can write you a few hundred different but it will be not the real translation you've asked for..

    Source(s): I'm Italian resident.
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    "Ti auguro buon Natale e un felice anno nuovo in cui possa avverarsi tutto quello che desideri. Con Amore."

    Attention, none of the translations before mine is correct italian.

    Source(s): I'm italian native speaker.
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    "Tanti Auguri per Natale e Buon Anno Nuovo, spero che tutti i tuoi sogni verranno veri. Ti Voglio Tanto bene."

    I lived in Italy for five years and worked as a translator!

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    Augurandogli tutto il la cosa migliore per Natale ed il nuovo anno, può essere tutto voi sogno

    dei lotti di amore

    me too

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    Ti voglio augurare un buon natale e un felice anno nuovo,che sia tutto quello che desideri il tuo cuore.

    Con tanto amo

    *Don't loose ur head for italians they're not worth it believe me!!

    Source(s): Fluent in italian by Tv!
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    Augurandogli tutto il la cosa migliore per Natale ed il nuovo anno, può esso essere tutto voi sogno dei lotti di amore.....???

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    Write your card in English. It will take him longer to read it and he'll appreciate it more.

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    Search for SYSTRAN and download the free software

    Source(s): Got it - use it - Brill !!
  • 1 decade ago (.com)

    Bable fish translator, its brilliant!

    Happy Christmas.

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