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can you die from fatty liver?

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    Yes you can. I do not know much about it, but the liver has to stay healthy to filter impurities from the blood and cannot function if it is oversized or too fatty. There is something similar that can happen to the heart that is called Cardiomegaly. That is also where the organ becomes enlarged.

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    Fatty liver disease affects a whopping 30% of the population. That's 30 out of every 100 people! And some estimates have it at 33%.

    And if you're overweight, it's even worse overweight people are extremely more likely than healthy weight individuals to develop this condition.

    In other words, you're not alone. Not by a long shot.

    Other fatty liver sufferers have reversed their condition, lost weight, and rediscovered their energy, using completely natural remedies. And that means you can, too!

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    Yes indeed you can.

    When someone consistently drinks too much,the alcohol causes fat to be deposited in the liver.The fat will disappear if alcohol is avoided for weeks or months.In many people who continue to drink,the fatty change persists to some extent throughout their lives without significant problems,but in some the liver goes on to develop alcoholic hepatitis or cirrhosis.

    This is a serious condition in which the liver is inflamed due to the effects of alcohol.the symptoms can vary from one person to another and range from discomfort,nausea and pain all over the abdomen,to profound and progressive jaundice which may lead to death within a few Weeks.

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    fatty liver can cause scarring over long term. it happens because of excess fat deposition.

    people don't die from fatty liver itself, but same person can have other problems with weight gain, high cholesterol, diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure. These conditions can cause health problems which could be fatal.

    Losing weight, eating healthy and proper medical care can resolve this issue. avoid alcohol and drugs that are metabolized by liver.

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    May be without treatment, Modifiable risk factors include alcohol use, diet, physical activity and medication history

    Alcohol is a known hepatotoxin and should be avoided completely in anyone with risk factors or a history of hepatic disease of any sort including NAFLD

    A diet low in saturated fats with total fat intake less than 30% of total calories can prevent development of insulin resistance secondary to excess adipose tissue and obesity. Insulin resistance is a central element of NAFLD

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    can you die from fatty liver?

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    When preparing your receipee, swap out the butter for one of those.

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    Stay with a trim protein/green plant diet plan

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    placed fewer foods out and about and you will probably acquire less in

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    Spread hummus, mustard, or pureed roasted red pepper on sandwiches rather than mayonnaise.

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