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I am using XP. Past few days, my system gets switched off 'only if I click on the ♥Turn Off ♥ twice' and ...

I am using XP. Past few days, my system gets switched off 'only if I click on the ♥Turn Off ♥ twice' and ...

I have three problems

1. My system gets switched off only if click on 'turn off' twice, and I am not able to 'turn on' normally...

2.I have to restart again and again (or) switch off the power supply completely and switch it on again, in order to turn on my system..

3.And thirdly, I have to press 'ctrl+alt+del' twice to get my logon screen.

♥♥♥Help me please♥♥♥

♥♥♥Additional Details♥♥♥

My system has only 35GB filled and has a total memory of 80GB, my processor is Intel Pentium 4, RAM is 512MB. My system is new, I bought it just 10 months ago...

I have AVG antivirus and No Viruses Are Found

♥♥♥Read these too♥♥♥

What I actually mean is "Start>Turnoffcomputer>Turnoff + Start>Turnoffcomputer>Turnoff" to switch off..

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    well thats the way its supposed to be...when you click on the "start" buton then select "turn off computer" you are clicking on a shortcut to open the shutdown diqalog box, then you have to make a selection, "turn off computer" "restart" or "logoff"

    If you have to click the turn off twice to get the dialog box to come up it could be that the "shortcut" to it is either pointing in the wrong directory or that you just aren' being patient enough to allow the "other stuff it needs" to start/shutdown. When you click on the shutdown button, 3 things happen at the same time, sysfader.exe starts, background services are "paused" and the dialog box is loaded.

    The logon screen is sort of the same thing, only in reverse.

    You could try to resolve this issue by going to the user control panel icon and select to "change the way users logon" and use the welcome screen and fast user switching. If yours is the only id on the computer and you don't have any real need for a password, (no-one else uses or is going to use your computer that you would need to monitor) then just delete the password and you won't have to logon at all.

    to resolve the shutdown problem you could try setting up a shutdown shortcut on your desktop....that way you just click on the shortcut and the computer just shutsdown or you can edit it to reboot as well;

    Right click on the desktop and select new shortcut....type in the command line of

    "C:\WINDOWS\system32\shutdown.exe /r /t 00" (without the quotes...assign an icon to it

    This command line reboots the pc

    if you want it to shut down, just change the r to a s

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    There may be many reasons for this problem. I can give you a link that deals with hard drive problems. Some RAM/hard drive problems can be easily fixed yourself by using easily available tools. I found the info at useful

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    see expensive in case you gadget is new and its branded laptop no longer a carry at the same time than you may take help from company. different clever do one think of only finished formate your gadget and reinstall the OS.

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    you got a big problem

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