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What is good to serve with oysters on the half shell? Do you like them & how many can you eat at a time?

To me i dont know but i have eaten them at Camies in Miami for $1.00 dozen on Mon & Tue nights and i'm nor sure if i like them or not, i can take them or leave them. Ilke them best fried, how do you like yours?Does anyone know anything about oyster rockafeller (recpie ,side dishes ETC: ?) ??

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    Oysters reockafellar:

    2 (16 ounces) boxes frozen spinach thawed and squeezed

    20 oysters

    1 cup Parmesan

    1 1/2 cups mayonnaise

    10 strips bacon

    Thaw the spinach in colander squeeze as much of the water out as possible. Mix spinach, Parmesan, and mayonnaise in a bowl until creamy.

    Texture should be thick, if you overdo the mayonnaise add more Parmesan. Split oysters in half and line on a cookie sheet or in a baking pan. Top each oyster with enough of the spinach mixture to cover. Cut bacon with kitchen scissors, large enough to drape over top of oyster.

    Bake in a preheated 350 degree F oven until bacon is crisp. Serve hot

    i can eat like 10 maybe it just depends

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    I lived in Key West, Florida and I learned how to eat oysters on a half shell. I never knew about fried oysters until I came to California and fried oysters are great , I really prefer both ways.

    I can eat 2 to 3 dozen fried oysters in one sitting and 1 dozen half shell oysters with lemon and hot sauce.

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    I love fresh oysters on the half shell. I like them served in the shell, dipped out with a little lemon juice and dipped in cocktail sauce on a cracker. I can't manage to eat them without the cracker. But remember to only buy them at reputable restaurants, you can get major sick if you get a bad oyster.

    Key West is probably the best place I've found for great oysters, they shuck them right in front of you.

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    Oysters are so good. I do like them on the half shell, but you definitely need to provide a lot for people. Some people can eat 20 easily.

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    Yes I love oysters. I can probably eat at least a dozen by myself. I like to eat them wish boiled shrimp, I have seen them at restraunts with cheeses on them too. Pretty good, but I am the fan of the crackers and cocktail sauce.

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    I like whole oysters on the grill. They open just a bit when they are ready. Dipped in some melted seasoned butter a bit of Tapatio sauce and a little lemon mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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    I like raw oysters edged with a strip of sour cream and cream cheese blended. Fill the center with good caviar and wash down with a decent Puligny Montrachet.

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    I have them raw with some lemon. Can eat half a bucket.

    If fried they taste no different than mussels so that's a waste.

    I suggest a red sauce with garlick, chilli, fresh tomatoes, white wine or better still, brandy.

    Add extra virgin olive oil at the end.

    Tomatoes are up to you, if you don't use them you can add lemon at the very end.

    Mix with pasta.

    Big aphrodisiac.

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    I like them fixed any way-- in stuffing. on the half shell,and also fried yum! oyster stew is nice for a change.

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    Tabasco, horseradish and hot mustard go well with oysters Rockefeller. I eat four to six at a sitting, don't want to kill the wife! ~LOL~!

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