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How does concentration affect water potential?

In tuber cells i.e. potato cells, how does the concentration of a solute like sucrose affect the water potential and osmosis. For example, if the conc. of sucrose is increased what would happen and why? What scientific theories are involved?

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    The water potential of pure water is defined as 0. Adding any solute makes the water potential negative. The more solute that is added, the more negative the water potential will become.

    In osmosis, water moves from a less negative to a more negative water potential. Increasing the sucrose concentration in a tuber cell ought to increase the uptake of water, but it is not that simple because the water potential of plant cells depends upon both the solute concentration and the pressure exerted by the cell wall.

    As the cell absorbs water, the pressure exerted by the wall increases. Eventually it will prevent the uptake of any more water and the cell will be turgid and have a water potential of 0.

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    any form of ability power refers to somethings "using tension" or "choose for" to accomplish artwork. somebody status on a hill has ability power because of the fact gravity needs to pull you down. so whats the link between solute concentration and waters "using tension"? properly each little thing strikes from severe concentration to low concentration to maintain equilibrium in nature. while there are 2 suggestions, one with severe salt and one with low salt separated with the help of a permeable membrane, WATER will flow from the answer with low salt to the single with severe salt. why? because of the fact the part with severe salt has "rather" low water. think of approximately this: there is finite area interior of that quantity, so larger salt potential much less water molecules can fit in that defined quantity. the effect is that low water is cutting-edge on the side of severe salt, and WATER will bypass this area to equilibrate the concentration distinction. particular/no?

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