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What are codes and conventions of a thriller genre?

What are the codes and conventions of a thriller genre? Like for example the film Phonebooth.

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    the conventions of the thriller genre are 2 do with sound and editing. eg quick cuts and camera angle changes, music that gives tension and is passy when appropriate. it can b 2 do with lighting, especially the use of shadow. mirrors and stairs are also conventions of thriller movies.

    phonebooth in particular is a thriller that does not play 2 the conventions, it avoids darkness and shadow etc. the one way 2 link it to standard conventions is to say that u hear and see the story from the killers point of view, u r made 2 feel sorry for the male protagonist and that u r told a story with the use of flashback and quick passed editing. otherwise the this film is unlike most thriller movies and avoids the main conventions and may even not b classed as thriller but psychological thriller as it plays with ur mind rather than shows u like a conventional thriller.

    hope this is helpful, might not b as i am only a 2nd yr a-level film student but i did study crime thriller for a whole year and concentrated on conventions.

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    Thriller Conventions

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