Ear plug wax stuck in my ear?

I used ear plug wax in my ear and a little piece has gotten lodged into the canal. It has now been stuck for four days and it won't come out. I've tried using ear ache solution three times a day to maybe flush it out - and prevent infection. Any advice for removal?

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    I would suggest to try using hydrogen peroxide in your ear to allow the wax to break apart. It helps to clean and disinfect your ear at the same time. If this does not work sometimes pulling your ear lobe down and running warm water in the shower will lodge it loose. If this does not work then definitely go in to see your doctor as you will not want to damage your ear drum. Absolutely do not stick anything into your ear to get out the Wax.

    Source(s): I am a nursing assistant for Hennepin County Medical Center Hospital in Minnesota.
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    6 years ago

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    If it is wax and if it has struck up inside to its full size, leaving no area to make it come out then you need to go to a ENT specialist doctor to check up and do the needful. However you can try this too before hand: Take a bowl of warm water and pour it in the ear, keeping the ear up. Wait for a minute and down the ear. You can use a soft wooden toothpick and try to roll it inside the ear to the level you could do and see the wax come along with it! You can repeat for more times to succeed!

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    Believe it or not,alot of Drs use a water pick to flush out a patient's ear.

    Use as warm of water as you can in the water pick,tilting your head down over a bowl so as to catch the water and the plug.

    You might also want to use a towel around your neck and down the front of yourself.

    This may take a bit of time to soften the plug and to get it to dislodge as I am sure you have tried everything including a Q-tip to get this plug out and I am sure it is quit lodged.

    A turkey baseter can be used as well but creates a really big mess.

    Before you start this you might try taking a bath in as hot of water as you can and lay down in the water so the water can get in your ear to help soften the plug to make the water pick treatment easier and perhaps quicker.

    A hot shower and letting the water hit into your ear might even work depending on how lodged your plug is.

    If this should fail,be sure to see a Dr. as any foreign left in the ear can hold bacteria and create a really nasty smelling infection.

    Good Luck

    Source(s): I have assisted Dr in the office with this procedure and I have cleaned out my family's ears the same way as a couple of them really develop ear wax plugs that even reduces their ability to hear well.
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    Dear Amy

    Have just had the same problem, by Almond oil and heat it up and place into ears twice a day. It will take about 10 days to soften whilst doing this treatment arrange to have you ears clean by a nurse at your local Hospital/Health centre. They will use a small pipe which spray water into you ear and clean it out. However they will not do this until you have used oil.

    Hope this has helped you, Amy.

    Take care, and here is a lucky kiss to make it better from the hedgehog. X

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    A Dr. can flush it out gently with an ear syringe or use a pair of fine forceps to take it out. Be careful with a lot of home remedies as you may end up doing damage to the canal or your eardrum. The peroxide and water may help and is safe as far as I have experienced but why mess around any longer?

    Source(s): RN
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    1 decade ago

    I'm a coal miner, this is very common for me from month to month. mix hydrogen proxide with warm tap water. 50/50 suck solution into a dropper and drop 5 drops into the affected ear. Continue for 2 or three days the wax will break up fine enough to pass though the ear canal and hearing will repair itself.

    Hope it helps,



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    Get some weak hydrogen peroxide or dilute it and use a drinking straw to drop it into your ear whilst your head is on one side. The effervescence will eventually dislodge the wax and cause it to float to the top. Hold a tissue over your ear when tilting your head the opposite way and you'll see what falls out!

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    1 decade ago

    I'd see a doctor or nurse at your surgery. It will most likely cause infection if not removed safely. Don't attempt to stick anything into the ear canal yourself !

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    see your doctor or an ear specialist

    he can give you ear drops to soften the wax or irrigate it with a bulb syringe to remove it

    it is quick and painless

    you should never try to remove anything or put anything into your ear

    you run the risk of infection or worse perforating the ear drum which can lead to permanent hearing loss or deafness

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