Are there any recorded cases of swans breaking a humans limb?

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    Yes, there are several. Some varieties of swan can weigh upwards of 50 lbs (which is a lot of bird), and they are extremely territorial, especially during nesting season.

    They are known to kill other swans, as well as ducks or geese that get too close to their nest. There have been any number of dogs killed when they get too close to a nest. They are also known to attack canoeists, people in rowboats, and even jet-skiers.

    Not just broken bones, but actual fatalities have occurred due to swan attacks. When they attack, they generally try to force their target under water, and in this manner they have killed a few children, and are suspected in the drowning death of a fisherman in Michigan a few years ago.

    The truth is, swans actually kill more people than sharks every year, but for some reason don't get the same kind of bad press that sharks, or almost completely harmless creatures like spiders or bats do.

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    Don't know of any cases personally, but guess it depends on the swan and the person in question.

    The heaviest swan recorded was a male Mute Swan in Poland which weighed 50lbs (~23kg). A regular housebrick weighs about 4 kg (bear with me - there is apoint to this)! Therefore the swan in question weight the same as nearly 6 bricks.

    Imagine 6 bricks bundled together and thrown at you. Yes, it would break what it hit (and probably the swan's wing as well).

    An average weight for a male mute swan is 28lbs (13kg), which is the equivalent of only 3 bricks - but if the limb was, for example, elderly or frail it could break the bone.

    Does this help?

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    Why would a swan do that? Geese bite but to break a limb i don't think so and if I'm wrong plz email me with the info I'd love to know more about it. lol

    Animals only attack for food, if they are threatened, or to protect their young.

    Are you doing anything mentioned above to the swan if so then you need your limbs broken lol

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    In 2004 two dogs were killed by swans. So I'd imagine it wouldn't be too hard for them to break a human bone.

    The aggressor "rides" his prey and holds its head under water until it drowns or dies of exhaustion.

    Swans kill dogs in the same way, and on at least two occasions, have killed people: a child in Massachusetts around 1930, and in 1982, an Indian fisherman drowned when a swan capsized his boat and beat him on the head and shoulders. One swan has been observed crushing a galvanized bucket and another attacked a 19-foot motorboat. They are also known to attack humans on jet-skis, so rowing boats aren't much of a challenge.


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    My family were attacked by a swan on the Norfolk Broads when I was 8. I remember my Godfather trying to push it away from the boat with an oar. I suppose it serves us right for being in East Anglia in the first place. Wouldn't happen in a better area, like Leicestershire.

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    I don't know of any cases involving swans but a few years Fabio was hit in the face by a goose while riding a rollercoaster resulting in a broken nose. Couldn't happen to a better person ;)

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    4 years ago

    No. yet I stay to tell the tale a minor canal in Amsterdam, we've a pair of swans that nest each year slightly extra from down from us. From the time she lays the eggs until the signets are long gone, the male is amazingly aggressive. He chases boats. He assaults something on the water that may no longer a fowl. the city even places an illustration up on the bridge warning boats to stay to tell the tale the different area of the canal. i do no longer be responsive to if he's broken any palms. yet once you observed this huge boy bearing down on a kayak you would be happy you weren't in that kayak.

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    yes, the wing beat from a swan will quit easy brake a mans/womans arm

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    i was always told as a kid that a swans wing was so strong it could break ya arm.

    ive had a goose hava go at me before and it bloody hurt and they're smaller than a swan.

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    When i was small one of my friends got an arm broken by a male swan.I have known of many people who have not respected the power of these birds wings and gone to close and frightened the bird causing them to attack

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