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how to get rid of rats?

my friend has a ranch and there are tons of rats what is the best way to kill them or get rid of them

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    Cat, Trap or Snack. That order. The snack is a food they eat, I use stuff called "Just One Bite II" I really not like using this approach and try Traps first. Just be sure you put it where other animals not get, like a cat or dog. The active ingredient is "bromadiolone" I think that the spelling. What it do is it dry them up so they not die somewhere and stink. Learn more with the links, first Safety issues second tell a little.

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    Well some of the ways I got rid of Rats in our yard when first movied in 10 years ago.

    Put Decon Traps for Rats, then also placed Math Balls around the top 2" X 4" on my Wood Fence. This kept the Rats off the fence and the Dcon Took care the rest of the Family over a period, two weeks. The neighbors and I have not had any more rats Visible for the rest time we been living at this location.

    However I change the Traps twice a year and put out Fresh Baited traps for Rats and Field Mice.

    We have two vacant lots around us. That attract the rodents. However they do not call our place home any more.

    Source(s): Personal Experance with rodents over ten years.
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    rats can sense death this may not be humane to some people but a friend of mine had a rat problem years ago there were literally hundreds of rats in and around his home it was a farm house the way he got rid of them was he caught one burned it alive in a steel trash can and left it in his house for a couple of days the other rats sensed this and vacated they have not returned in fifteen years he was told to do this by a very very old timer and it definetly worked now a days you could probably get charged if you did this so I'm not telling you to do this but I'm telling you this works

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    Get a cat they chase rats as well as mice. Or else sprinkle ashes from cigarettes or cigars.. rats and mice

    don't like that. That's what my Auntie Gladis used on her

    farm to control the rats!

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    if you are talking about rats in a ranch my best answer is that you

    should take any animals if there any and take them out, then spray pesticide or any kind of strong poison for rats, leave it a couple of days and then wash the sprayed area with water and a good cleaner with good smell because of the stink that the poison might leave, believe me it can happen.

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    hello are you okay if you dont kno how to go to the store and buy rat poison then you have an issue. well rat poison will work or do it the old fashion way and go buy a cat

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    Glue traps are the best method to trap rats and mice.

    I found detailed information at

  • i worked at a small seed company and they would put soda pop out in small pans, rats and mice can not burp ,so the gas builts up in the stomach and bursts it works change daily ron

    Source(s): worker in the seed factory
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    Remove whatever they are eating. Keep any spilled feed cleaned up at once. Put all feed in metal cans, not bags. Don't put out any feed ahead of feeding time. If that fails, get out the 12 gauge.

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    Go to the feed store or to Farm and Fleet and ask them which rat killer to buy. Or, get a gun and go hunting.

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