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Is Britain a better or worse place to live compared to 20 years ago?

We are much richer, unemployment is rock bottom, we have a longer life expectancy and people seem to be more tolerent of other people's race and religeon. However the gap between rich and poor has widened, the cost of energy has shot up and personel liberties are under attack.

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    I think you've answered the question yourself rather well. There have been both positives and negatives over the last 20 years. The one big negative we have at the present is a general feeling of fear and I do not know of an easy way to overcome it. It appears to be caused by a real threat of terrorism and by a much greater irrational fear of terrorism, or hating anyone who isn't like us (muslims hating others, Brits hating immigrants etc.), fearing young people, etc. Why do people feel so threatened? In reality crime has actually gone down, and terrible as the terrorist bombs have been I don't believe that they are any worse than the IRA bombing campaign 30 years ago. Young people, in general are as creative and dynamic as ever. We should stand by the values of tolerance, fairness, justice and free speech. Of course this applies to everyone in this country. If we did this rather than emphasising the "blame culture" perhaps we would all be happier.

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    Considerably worse. Twenty years ago the government of the time was managing our finances so that people could look forward to pensions on retirement and, come to that, retirement at a reasonable age. The National Health system, while leaving much to be desired, wasn't in the horrific state of crisis it is now. We managed our own affairs and didn't have judges dictating to Parliament which laws were permissible under the Human Rights legislation and which were not. In fact, the Human Rights legislation was a remote gleam in someone's eye. We had freedom of speech, marriage was upheld as the union of a man and a woman and importance was attached to family values. Shops on the whole didn't open on Sunday, so everyone could look forward to a day of rest over the weekend when family and friends could get together. We were not inundated by migrants to anything like the same extent as now and therefore jobs were more plentiful and housing more accessible. Educational standards were higher and people were more literate. We were the target of the IRA from time to time, but the Muslims left us alone and we'd never come across the horror of suicide bombers. Air travel was safe and on the whole stress free.

    It was even better 30 years ago!

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    It was pretty good 20 years ago, but there was not such a variety of novelty foods on offer. You had to pay an arm and a leg for sushi. Also Thatcher was in power so everybody went around gritting their teeth. Instead of being blown up by islamic fundamentalists we were being blown up by the IRA. There's more yoga now - and organic food. Come to think of it, the country's gone horribly pretentious in the last 20 years. Too many safety restrictions and perceived risks now. Pubs seemed to be better then (or were they? they closed at 10:30!), and you could meet someone for a drink without making 25 calls on your mobile first. There were slightly less "issues". And people's lives without the internet were more real. But if you wander around Central London things are just about identical - except now I have cash and can afford stuff. For me personally then: better. But it's a tricky question as I think you've already made clear in your preamble...

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    Hmm, good question. I think it's worse because of overcrowding (particularly on the roads) and the prevailing fear that exists everywhere (so kids can't walk to school), but it's better because most people are wealthier compared to the 80s and far fewer people have daft 80s haircuts etc.

    So, in my opinion it's a worse place, but I can see how many could argue it's better. To quote someone, probably American, it is what it is! Lol

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    It is worse, the taxes are higher and the government has got all the things that are British wrong, stopping Brits from celebrating Christmas as it will offend other cultures and nursery rimes being band because they have black or some other word that if you only really thought about could be defined a racial (but not by the kids who sing them). Just total hypocrisy! I am dam fuming :- {

    Source(s): Me i work all over the world and have never seen such rubbish spineless govenment.
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    It is much much worse. We may be more tolerant of different races and religions but we are not allowed to make simple observations relating to differences incase we are racist. We are much richer but everything is more expensive and you must own more consumer goods in order to "fit". When I was young it was possible to go out to play all day on my own or with young friends without the risk of being attacked, raped or killed by some marauding weirdo. Give me freedom to grow and explore over material riches and supposed equality any day.

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    Well, life for immigrants has got progressively better. Shame that for everyone who goes to work and does a decent days graft, they get hammered more than ever. Me and my wife earn decent money, yet we drive a car that is worse than the benefits & dole bludgers down the road.

    Maybe if people actually had to work for dole money or benefits then so many lazy lowlifes wouldn't be collecting it. Give them all a bag and make them clean the streets.

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    its worse, all the taxes we pay and the government still hasnt enough money to sort out education and the nhs. i think we have become too tolerant towards other cultures living here, not meaning to sound racist but other cultures do take advantage of us and its our own fault for letting them. we have become too scared to stand up for our britishness in case we offend others, wot is that all about?

    we are no longer proud to b british and i think thats sad cos this is a great country and it could b even better

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    I think that anywhere was better than twenty years ago. We have expanded life expectancy, the price of living has gone up, and that we are striving for equality amongst all, but there was one thing that we do have to worry about that was not apparent in the *80's and that terrorism

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    Aswith anything else. For improvement in any country the poor always has to suffer. So my answer to you question is no. It is neither a better or a worse place to live. There are just different problems.

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