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Do you let guests wear shoes in your home?

I have a strict shoes off policy and make everyone take off their shoes my question is do you make guests take theirs off too. And how do you get them to do it.

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    I do not wear shoes in my house. I let my guests know that they will have to take off their shoes if I invite them over. Recently I was at one of my kids soccer games and we were talking and decided that the mom's would get the kids together for a play date. I volunteered my home. Everyone thought that would be a good idea. As we were leaving I just told everyone. "Oh by the way just wanted to let you know that I do not allow shoes in my home, so you'll need to take them off before you come in the house." When the first person came I opened the door her and her daughter both were standing on my porch in white socks. I thanked them for remembering and they came inside. The rest of the guests came and saw the shoes and remembered my comment. No one objected to it at all. In fact a couple of the mothers told me that they have the same rule at their home for family but were afraid to ask guests. So my comment is just ask people will have no problem they may actually like it.

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    I suspect many of your guests would be one time visits if you tried to MAKE them do anything. However, you can certainly ask.

    You may want to further encourage this behaviour by having a location close to the door where your guests can leave their shoes during the coure of the visit.

    If you want to go the extra mile, you can stock up on slippers (or slipper socks for your barefoot guests) of all sizes when they're on sale, and have them there for your guests to slip into while they're in your home. If you do this, try to find the kind that are machine washable...

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    I don't have a policy for shoes off, but I have family and guests that do remove them. I don't if I visit but do go barefoot most of the time at home. I don't want someone with smelly feet or dirty socks on my floors nor would I want them to get (in between floor cleanings) dirty from the floors.

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    Consider most folks do wear their shoes in the house in the US. (I'm assuming you are here)

    I would keep family member's shoes near the door and slippers for guests there as well and hope they get the hint but would never ask them to remove shoes unless they were close friends/family.

    Remember: some people are funny about their feet. They may feel they're ugly and embarrassed to take of shoes when not wearing socks; maybe they have nail fungus/callouses/hammer toes/bunions or haven't clipped their toe nails in several months (eeww). Some people have stinky feet and would rather die than smell up your living room......Think About It. ;-)

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    Most just don't - all of the shoes at the door are a big hint. We do, however, realize that sometimes people are uncomfortable with this, or if they will be here only for a short time, we tell them they can keep them on. Most take them off, anyway.

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    I myself keep my shoes on when in a strangers home at a family members I feel free to take them off. Yes I would prefer a shoes off policy too. I would just ask them nicly.

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    No. I would never live in a home where you can't wear shoes. That is just really anal.

    How to get them to do it? Tell them upon entering, "Hey, we have a strict no-shoe policy in this museum I call a home. Soooo... take 'em off or sit on the patio!"

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    I don't know, polite guests always take off their shoes themselves without being asked to do so... Mine are always of that type. Certainly sometimes I ask them to keep them on (when I haven't vacuumed for a week ;-)

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    We want our guests to be comfortable in our home so they can take them off or leave them on, whatever they want to do.

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    Well usually we don't ask guest to remove their shoes specially if they only come once in a while, but for those who frequents your ouse you can ask them.

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