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Why is Wikipedia wrong about so many things?


You say its never let you down but the only way you would know its wrong is if u already alotabout something already

Update 2:

You may think its good until you look at it about something u actually know about and relise the info isn't %100 spot on

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    like what?

    wikipedia is not simply edited by anyone. if you see something that you feel like is wrong, then you have the ability to edit this information and submit it to their editiors.

    if they find that your changes are valid and you are qualified to make that change/claim, then it will be added to the article.

    it's not like anyone can just write anything and it will be on there. imagine what a mess that would be.

    they have editors, but it's an open encyclopedia, meaning they are always taking suggestions or additions, IF THEY HAVE VALIDITY.

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    It's wrong because it completely relies on peer review. But think of it as an opportunity to be published (and be damned). So make your mark, and inform contributors of, or correct, those errors you find. It's what gives the world of wiki it's awesome potential. A neat feature, though, would be a peer reviewed locking mechanism that fixes a version of a document in place. This fixed version could then be considered the most reliable source, and any unlocked version may be considered unreliable.

    Largely, though, Wiki is informative and generally contributed to by folk who know what they're talking about.

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    This is my very argument about people coming on and quoting wiki as the source of their answer when they have no means of knowing whether it's actually correct or not.

    Like I keep saying, if you don't already know an answer, move on to something else and leave it to people who CAN answer a question with some measure of knowledge or authority.

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    A lecturer at my Uni submitted completely false information to Wiki to prove a point.

    No one at Wiki validates info, anyone can submit any rubbish and it will be on the site.

    For sources of evidence, in an academic sense, it is of no use at all. Everything you read on there should be double checked elsewhere for accuracy.

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    that information is slightly looked through and editied but it has been sent in from other people. It will never be completely right. That would be like me, writing something about golf. I dont play gold i dont know anything about golf. Becareful and always check the author and the validity of the author before using anything as reference

    peace out

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    the thing about wikipedia is that everyone (who has a wiki account) can alter/edit the information that's written in there. so we can't really say whether the info in wiki is entirely accurate.

    erm...come to think of it, we can't really say whether info on the internet, in general, is accurate or not. i mean, i just saw a website dealing with the toxicity of DIHYDROGEN OXIDE, it really looked like a plausible website, but dihydrogen oxide is actually water! so there. for more accurate sources of info, it's better to use journals and magazines, and other serials.

    Source(s): i challenge the validity and accuracy of some articles in wiki. i mean, some are uncited, some are even ungrammatical, poorly formatted, not ordered, confusing, and they (the wiki staff) know it! (link:, thus the need for page cleanups. so how can we say that the info provided by wiki are, indeed, correct?
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    1st off, its no longer wikipedia's fault that's the babies. wikipedia in no way suggested that totally everyone their information became ideal. pupils could understand that they want 3-4 source to understand that their information is genuine. u cant fail a classification from one internet site, u fail it cuz u dont understand the desirable stuff. u shouldn't replica information besides, thats plagerizing. ppl shouldn't believe wikipedia on their canine's existence, they could get some sturdy books & vetenarian's suggestion. every person could have a internet site, & on maximum websites information is misguided, no longer in basic terms on wiki. ppl could understand to no longer believe the internet. dont take out ur anger with ur pupils o wikipedia, they could understand extra beneficial. in end, its no longer wikipedia's fault, its the ppl who honestly have faith each little thing in wiki.

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    I honestly never had a problem with the information given to me from Wikipedia. It is one of my favorite sites and I must give big ups to it b/c so far it has not let me down.

  • well if you see anything wrong why dont you just edit it. thats the principle wiki runs upon.t because so many people read the articles most mistakes are removed quickly .even though it can never be 100% accurate it is still a very good site.

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    Why don't you give the Community a couple of examples so that we can check it for ourselves. I haven't found anything wrong yet - but maybe I have just been lucky.

    You can edit it - if you are sure that your information is correct.

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