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Is this the philosophy section or the religious section?

There is a religious section in which to discuss religion. Let's get back to philosophy! You religious nuts can go to where you belong.


noize - it's not the answers, it's when religion is the question.

Update 2:

I know religion is branch of philosophy but it cannot be treated logically, therefore it basically flawed.

Update 3:

Answers I have no problem with. You believe what you believe. It is when religion becomes the question. There is a separate section for that. Don't clutter philosophy with it.

Update 4:

Amp - I'm not annoyed until a question is asked and then in the details is a sermon or a list of URLs to religious sites. I just like things somewhat orderly. Religion belongs in religion.

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    Ignore the silly ones and dig for the nuggets of gold.

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    I hope you realize that Philosophy of Religion is a discipline within philosophy? Granted philosophy is a critical examination of religious

    beliefs, unlike religion is an internal acceptance of beliefs. But these overlap in some cases. To segregate religion and philosophy is an artificial boundary.

    Source(s): Professional philosopher and writer.
  • amp
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    Good point! The philosophy section does tend to have a lot of theological questions & relationship/love questions (gee, who could be posting those?! Not me! tee hee). I suppose because philosophy is a good catch-all for any questions about the meaning of life. Obviously since God or spirituality & love are what give meaning to a lot of people these issues come up. Either that or we're just doing it to annoy you! :)


  • vick
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    I agree with u. don't bring that trash around here as someone famous would say. philosophies has more credibility than religion in my eyes. religion brings war and philosophy brings enlightenment. u choose


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  • yantis
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    4 years ago

    sure, they do annoy me >.< Michael in this question too - the dude who ignored the shown fact that those people he named are theologians not philosophers. yet truthfully i'm not shocked. in case you bypass to R&S you will quickly learn that christians think of that christianity invented technology, arts and philosophy, that those fields all remember on and are approximately god, so that's not something stunning that they arrive here with their ''god this and god that''

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    Get used to it...people chime in randomly on everyones questions, regardless of the section you are in.

    Same with questions, a lot of people dont know how to properly categorize their question. Also, they may be doing it to push the buttons of a person who thinks like yourself.

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    religion and philosophy are tied closely, so answers tend to overlap.

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    Philosophy is the handmaiden (ancilla) of theology.

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    Sometime subjects over-lap. Other times people forget where they are. Just enjoy and chill..........a question is a question. They are all interesting.

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    philosophy is mother of all sciences.

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