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puffy eyes?

what do i do for puffy eyes, there like this all the time, im not allergic to anything, and im only young, even when im not tired i still look it.

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    First, check with your doctor and make sure there is nothing medically wrong with you.

    Then, apply cream or lotion that contains the chemical phenyelphrine, such as Preparation H or drugstore brand nose drops. That chemical constricts blood vessels and helps shrink skin tissue.

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    Hi i get puffy eye even when im not tried like you do. I bought this cucumber eye gel from boots its only cheap and it doesnt really work when bags are already showing. So i find if i put it on before i got to bed then it reduces them in the morning. Its worth a try. My mum just bought a eye cream from Lush called Enchanted Eye Cream, and it has really made a difference and it soothes her eyes alot. Its £8.50 so i have to refraine from using it but i have tried it and it did help during the day.

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    when i get puffy eyes, i usually am having a reaction to something. if u are SURE that you aren't allergic to dust, pollen, or anything else, then i am not sure what you do. nothing i guess.

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    No lie. Preperation H.

    Known as a Detroit Facelift in the biz.

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