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for someone to pitch his/her idea into screenplay need to use good English grammar?

am a new sreenplay writer. I pitch some stories which i wrote them down, now am finding customers or anybody who can help to develop/ sell them. some yahoo answers members are complaing that to pitch an idea and write it down as screenplay need to use good English grammar.What I understand of screenplay is using the words so as the people watching the movie to feel as reality. But am not writing an English language grammar to teach pupils at the universities. English language use in the school and the ones at the street are different. I though even the English language professors some time used street language at the street. The films I do write are nearly full of street language. so i need help pls.

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    If you're trying to talk in the way you've written your question then that's NOT street language! That's poor grammer dude! Even if you use street language, the grammer has to be correct. Yoda sounds like Yoda because that's the exact way Yoda was written. You can't write something one way and just ASSUME it'll be said the correct way. That's just not how it works. What I would do if I were you and couldn't take grammer lessons is I would write my screenplay and then I would let someone else, who knows their grammer, edit it for you. You could be present and work together on the editing process to make extra sure that it comes out the way you meant it to come out. Just because you do not use good grammer when you write doesn't mean you can't express yourself productively or creatively. Good Luck :-)

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    Well, if you mean here on R&S, I hope I do. I know my grammar and spelling are bad (almost wrote is), but it is the message one is trying to convey that is important. True, grammar and spelling help get the point across easier and make it easier to be taken seriously. Spell check does not work all the time and sometimes I try to cut and paste for the reasons above. Yet I can get pressed for time and just write as best I can so the person can recieve a good answer which should not be confused with a scholarly work. My Father, who only has a 6th grade education, can barely write and yet when he does I do not write him back or correct him. He deserves respect and is quite smart on spiritual matters and other areas as well. Plus there are few pieces of equipment he cannot operate. We of the College set could learn from his example. Only a fool passes up knowledge because of grammar and spelling.

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    When I'm not writing full time for Yahoo Answers my 3rd job after cleaning toilets is Movie Director for big Ealing Studio blockbusters so I am in no doubt of my own self importance, and experience in recognising **** when I read it and your question my friend is a beautifully crafted load of camel faeces. Go back to school, forget about street language and write something proper. As a big Movie Director, I would not look at your screenplay because if it's worded like your Yahoo question, I'd be properly flabbergasted and discombobulated at your grammar, spelling and sentence structure. 0/10 for the discontent the content of your question has caused me.

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    Writing a screenplay to imitate or reflect real life is one thing. Of course you want natural dialogue, but if your grammar is horrible, it would be very distracting to the reader/audience. You have to remember that whoever you're pitching your screen play to probably has to sort through lots and lots of them every week. Chances are, if they have a hard time reading your play, it won't get the time of day you think it deserves even if it's a great story.

    There's plenty of free writer's workshops out there. Visit a community college or an adult learning center and I'm sure there will be many who would love to help you edit your screenplay.

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    First of all a PITCH is something that you do infront of studio execs and possible investors. You are standing in front of them and presenting the screenplay. What you are talking about is writing the screenplay. Here, you use words as they are spoken in the era of the film. However, they still need to be structured correctly and gramatical errors are NOT allowed. I too am a screenwriter.

    Filmmaking is NOT something you play around with unless you are serious about it - and trust me, people can tell if you are serious or not. If you are not serious, then they will not take you seriously.

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    Do your own thing and see how it works out!

    I would describe my grammar as average, I was a bit concerned about this to start with when writing my first book, then I thought I needed to get the book off my chest, so I ploughed through regardless (sod the grammar)!

    I read other books from other 'first timers' I could follow the tales, that's all that really matters!

    I suggest you do not get bogged down with a load of BS grammar that no one at all is interested in (including publishers) and get on with writing , send out and good luck to you !

    If anyone buys a book or screen play just based on its grammatical content, they are nutters!

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    I don't think the grammer has to be perfect but you also want people to be able to understand what you are trying to say, or else it just gets lost in the never ending piles of screenplays others are pitching

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    No, feel free to talk siht.

    At least that's what ppl in most of the plays I've seen do.

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