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ten insects that human beings eat are?

what are the ten insects that human beings eat?

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    Giant Water Beetle

    Red Ant

    Silk Worm Pupae

    Dung Beetle



    June Beetle




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    Anything with 6 legs is officially classed as an insect so prawns, shrimps, scampi etc. are the insects of the sea - along with lobsters, crabs and crayfish - there's 6 and I haven't even started on the land insects people eat, locusts, ants, crickets - I'm up to 9 now so I'll quit and leave it to your own imagination...the spider that drops off the ceiling and you eat in the night doesn't count as it is an arachnid, NOT an insect!

  • kbc10
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    Crickets (dried with chile powder)

    Ants (I have heard of this)

    Scorpions in some places, I have heard....

    Grubs are eaten in some desert places.... (grubs are an insect larva, right?)

    What else?? There are TEN? That's a lot.

    Grasshoppers might be eaten like crickets, I suppose...

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    More than you realize. Flies can be in soup, mites can drop off eyebrows, maggots could be in mushroms, ants or other critters in your lettuce. It's true. You probably have no idea how many insects you've probably eaten.

    So wash your veggies VERY well.

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    I suspect its more than 10 different but I can only think of 8

    Honey ants, Locusts, grasshoppers, Huhu beetle grubs ( New Zealand), Whichiti grubs ( Australia). scorpions ( in China). Cochineal ( used for food colouring), termites.

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    honeyed ants


    chocolate covered scorpion

    maponi worms

    Choc covered giant ants

    chilli worm crisps

    sorry could only find 6 on the Internet

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Any insect that lands in your mouth and is swallowed before you can react!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I don't know about you but I would never with all the west Nile and other scary diseases

  • Anonymous
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    unwashed salad has lots of insects....and i heard that you can eat spiders in your sleep and not even know it......

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