My eyelid has been shaking for several days. Why is that? How can I make it stop?

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What causes your eyelid to twitch at times?
The most common cause of muscle tics and twitches is stress. Have you been in stressful situations lately? Final exams, new job, are you Monica's father? Learning relaxation techniques or eliminating the source of your stress could alleviate the symptom.

A tic is a brief, flicking sensation confined to a small part of the body, such as the eyelid; usually indicative of a harmless involuntary muscle contraction. A repetitive, uncontrollable, purposeless contraction of an individual muscle or group of muscles, typically in the face, arms or shoulders; may be a sign that you have a tic related to a minor psychological disorder, a condition related to a brain disorder, or trigeminal neuralgia. Intense, longer-lasting trembling or shaking of a body part or of the entire body; could be symptomatic of caffeine poisoning, alcohol withdrawal, an overactive thyroid gland or Parkinson's disease. Movements such as shoulder shrugging, mouth twitching and erratic blinking may be signs of a minor psychological disturbance. They most often develop in children ages 7 to 14 as a result of anxiety, and usually stop within a year; some cases may persist into adulthood. The disorder occurs in up to 25 percent of children, and boys exhibit symptoms three times as often as girls. Tics or twitches are sometimes caused by neurological disorders, in which case they are referred to as dyskinesia. This condition may result from brain damage at birth, head trauma or use of the antiemetic (vomit suppressant) drug metoclopramide, or drugs to treat psychiatric ailments. Dyskinesia includes muscle spasms, repetitive fidgets, jerking or writhing movements, or a combination of these symptoms.


- Your condition consists of unexpected trembling movements that occur only when the affected body part is at rest; you need to be checked for the possibility of Parkinson's disease.

- Your tic or twitch is persistent or recurs often; you may be having minor seizures, or you may have a neurological disorder or other condition of a serious nature.

One currently approved treatment for major spasms is the injection of botulinum toxin. This toxin weakens the muscles by blocking nerve impulses transmitted from the nerve endings of the muscles. Kids, don't try this at home.

I got the information from: From From Cecil's Mailbag of the Straight Dope Science Advisory Board. Fighting Ignorance since

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thanks for this answer. It was of great help
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  • Faith answered 8 years ago
    Take some Magnesium Phosphate to make it quit.
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  • alw0322 answered 8 years ago
    It could be a muscle spasm.
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  • lakerfan81734 answered 8 years ago
    If you are experiencing a mild twitch, it'll probably go away by decreasing stress in your life, getting plenty of sleep, taking frequent breaks when reading or on the computer to rest your eyes, decreasing caffeine and maybe placing a warm cloth over your eye. These things will help the muscles in your eyelid relax. If it's a severe case of twitching or involves both eyelids, I'd go to the doctor...they can prescribe medication to help relax the muscle. It could even require surgery or botox injections. Good luck.
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  • Mad Roy answered 8 years ago
    Muscle tics and spasms often result from nutritional deficiencies. Try taking a high potency multiple vitamin-mineral pill daily, and calcium-magnesium-zinc tablets with each meal.


    Let's Get Well - Adelle Davis
    The Miracle of Magnesium - Carolyn Dean MD
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  • futurehero5200 answered 8 years ago
    its a nervous twitch, get some sleep and dont eat anything salty.

    salt intake effects as well, blood vessels constrict
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  • SUE C answered 8 years ago
    It would apperar that your eyes are tired, they usually shake when the lids are tired, try a good nights sleep and eye drops.
    take care.
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  • D L answered 8 years ago
    Nervous twitch.....too much coffee, alcohol, smoking....what's your poison
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  • joyceeleann answered 8 years ago
    Like a muscle spasm? Try water...It might be your bodies way of saying you are dehydrated when the muscles are spasiming
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  • Legend answered 8 years ago
    In my culture this means you will be seeing something/ someone pretty soon. wether it will be good or bad, depends on which eye is twiching.
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  • PRI answered 8 years ago
    the problem is that you have allot of stress! and the only way to make it stop is by going to the doctor and getting medication for it. I have the same thing its been like that for 3 weeks trust me I know how that feels. You need to relax and stop having so many stressful things on your mind its dangerous
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  • Andoo W answered 8 years ago
    By punching it every time it shakes. Or shout at it in public - that will humiliate it into stopping. Or offer it a sexual video as a reward for not shaking. OR you could glue a salt shaker to it and get a job in a restaurant.
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