Does anyone know anything about a Military base in Rainham, Kent. Now burried under elms way or around their.?

I'm looking for a name, duties, what arm of the forces it was with etc. I'm pretty sure it was there at one point but is now under a housing estate. Please note this is Rainham Kent I'm after although I understand the other Rainham also had an airforce base that was built over. Worst case some ideas of where to go and who to ask for information would also be usefull. Cheers!

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    1 decade ago
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    It certainly did exist. I may be an old 46 year old now, but I was a child living in military housing there when my father was stationed at the place while serving with the 4th Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment (Infantry), before it was disbanded and he was transfered to the 1st Battalion in 1969 I think it was. I'm not too sure but I think the street we lived on was called Culpepper Close if that helps. At least you could start looking for military records on locations the Royal Anglians were based at and you should find them there around 1969. Hope this helps.

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    As with alan73004 I to lived in rainham on colpepper road/close? My father was based there in 1980 with the 1st Battalion the Queens Regiment (know the PWRR). About 7 years ago I worked in an outdoor centre where one of the kids I instructed was the son of a Marine based in rainham and living on the same road.

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