Wedding advice!!??

Me and my boyfriend want to get married really bad like soon. but we dont have like any money. so is there and advice for a cheap wedding or someway it could be free like maybe contests of some sort?? any advice would be much appriciated.


oh and its cincinnati OH if that helps.

Update 2:

alot of people are being fairly rude with this question. I am happy with this man and i do love him we have been together for 2 years been best friends for 3 we know each other very well. and would love to have a wedding a very pretty one. but his family is jewish mine is christian. i come from a "poor" family his is a little more well off. but none of them will give us money. he is in collage im out working. and the wedding doesnt have to be NOW. just soon. i want to be married by the time we move out. we were thinking about the court thing. and wedding later. but i was just wondering if anyone had advice.. so you really dont have to be rude about it.

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    I'm from Cincinnati, as well. I know there are sometimes contests you can enter on the enquirer's webpage...but it's not very likely you will win.

    I would suggest actually getting married at the courthouse. Then, you could do everything at a park or someone's backyard. You can have someone pretend to be the officiant (whether you tell people it is fake or not is up to you) for the ceremony. Then, have the reception at the same place. Make it simple-invite only family, or family and a few close friends. Ask a few very close family and friends to help you make dishes that you can serve everyone with. You could have it during the afternoon (1pm-4pm), then you don't have to actually serve a meal. You could have h'dourves and do some kind of light alcoholic punch (champagne punch or rum punch), then have some pop or juice for others.

    I know you want to have it soon, but I would aim for maybe May or June of 2007. That way it will be warm enough to have outside, and you also have time to plan and SAVE MONEY. Put away as much as you can each month. Good luck!

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    There are tons of ways to plan cheap weddings relatively quick (from a few weeks to a few months).

    First, decide if you want to incorporate your religions. You'll need to meet with the clergy of both churches to find out how this can be done.

    Then, select a small guest list. This is key! It MUST be small, or it won't be cheap. Like, 50 guests or less. Find an intimate location, like a small chapel, backyard, or museum/art gallery. Even hotels and some restaurants can have a ceremony. A cake and champaign reception is very cheap and takes no time at all to plan. I recommend making your invitations, programs, favors, and maybe even the flowers.

    Wedding planning takes so long because many brides really, really care about every single teeny tiny detail about their weddings, when really no one will notice them anyway. Planning in this way can take forever. But if you are flexible, then things can be done both quickly and cheaply.

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    If you and your boyfriend want to get married, then do it. Get a marriage license and get married at the courthouse. No one said that you need a reception and a cinderella type ball or party.

    One should never have a "cheap" wedding, or any kind of party. If you can't afford to throw the party, then don't. Or, wait to get married until you can afford it. The WORST things to do are:

    1. Go into debt to have your wedding.

    2. Have a wedding but treat your guests like garbage. If you can't afford to feed them nice food, offer them some alcohol at your expense, and give them a nice location, then don't have a party.

    If you *want* to have a party, then get married at a small, inexpensive location and then have a reception at a local restaurant. Non-chain places will be more likely to work with your budget and your needs, so talk to them first.

    **My boyfriend and I want to get married soon. Unfortunately, we don't have any money to do so. Do anyone have advice for having an inexpensive wedding or does anyone know of any contests that we could enter? Your advice is much appreciated.

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    if you want a cheap wedding there are several things that you can do.

    1. have your wedding in a place that is free ( parents house, parents backyard etc.)

    2. only invite your closest friends and/or family members (keep invites to a minimum

    3. make your bridal party very small (2 people and agree on a dress color that they both have in common, or let them buy a nice dress that are the same color. Bridal party dresses don't have to be identical)

    4. serve finger foods and let a radio or boom box play straight through the wedding reception. you can borrow a few love tone Cd's.

    5. consider the reception to be more of a reunion than a reception.

    6. Instead of fancy decorations you can get elegant cheap decorations from stores like linen and things. Candles make excellent center pieces.

    i can only suggest to you what i did and my wedding was off the chains. I spent a total of 200.00 including my dress

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    I am going to start off being rude and suggest you stop using the word "like" unless you are comparing two things or talking about how you feel about someone?

    No one says a wedding has to cost a lot. Isn't the marriage what counts, not the event?

    If you want to be married, get your license and find out how to get married at the courthouse. Then, when you have saved some money up, have a reception to celebrate your union.

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    One of the loveliest weddings I ever went to (besides my own ;) was for two friends. They had it at a city park overlooking the ocean (are there lakes in OH perhaps?).

    The bride wore simple long white dress with lace. Fresh flowers woven into her hair and a bouquet of inexpensive wildflowers. She walked barefoot across the grass to her fiance who wore a simple shirt and slacks.

    They had written their own vows. A friend had obtained a special permit from the county to perform the ceremony. Afterward we drove back to the home of a friend of theirs, it was a tight fit but we all had a blast. The food was a simple catered affair from a local Mexican restaurant.

    And do you know what stood out most about those two? The incredible radiant love they had for each other. It really moved every single person there. I think they spent less than $1500 for the whole day; and it was the richest affair I've been to in a long time!

    Believe me it means a lot more if your love moves another person's soul than if a big fancy wedding impresses them with its flamboyance.

    So keep it simple, fill it with love, and go get hitched. (And just ignore the silly answers you get.)

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    You know what to hell with what others say. This is your life those who talk need to look at their lives before they toss stone into yours.

    Now as for you wedding I say go to the Justice of the Peace and do your thing so that you will be legal in your eye and for your religon. Then you save up for a big reception if that is what you want or use that money for a trip out of the country or something like that. You don't have to have a big thing for every one to see what matters is that the 2 of you are there and you are happy.

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    why don't you plan your wedding as a big party, at your/his place, or parents's place? you could even pick a special day, New Year's Eve, Easter, or Yom Kippur, invite friends and family, for an afternoon and evening of fun and romance. You need to have someone to perform the wedding, who would come to your place, food which does not have to be expensive, BBQ, or other, games for all, small or big, with prices from the dollar store, and... I don't know, let your imagination roll. Who ever said weddings have to be serious , like dreadly boring, even if they are expensive?

    And when people ask for a bridal shower, or what you would like as a gift, you could ask them for help instead. Some homebaked cakes, etc....

    To be nasty... it would evn be better if you said "my boyfriend and I intend to get married" instead of "me and my boyfriend", which is grammatically incorrect, and bad for the future of your couple : the one you love has to come first in your thoughts and language!!!!!

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    My husband and I got engaged on the 30th of October and married the 20th of November back in 1992. We had a house wedding, my Mom did the cake and food, I bought a cream colored skirt suit that was sensible and got some flowers from the local flower shop. It was really nice and I would do it all over again.

    No, I wasn't preggers, just on fire to get married.

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    If it were me I would wait until we had more money to save up: but if you really want to get married now. Do you have a church? If you or your parents or his are members of a church most of the time you get the church for free then you could use the pastor and just pay gratuity. Then just have a really small wedding. You pay for what you want. You could have a cookout at a house for your reception or just not have a reception. Good luck and congrats!!!

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