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cant wait anymore :( any advice?????? plzzzzz help?

my friend said he'll mail me and all.... but its been days he hasnt... i dont want to nudge him or mail him again asking him y hes has not replied o somethin..... its just that we used to be soo close that i miss him and cry that i dont get any of his msgs any more cuz hes gone to london to study... it was like a daily doze and now ill die if i dont get it any more... i already told him about how i feel that hes leaving in a letter i gave him before he left... and i dont wanna be too nudgy tellin him again and again... im depressed :( cant think of nething else except his memories of the awesome times we've had.... I MISS HIS FUNNY LIL STUPID CONVERSATIONS


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    write him letter but not with asking whu hasn't he repled, but just general letter abour what is going on at home, or some funny stuff, whatever u prefer.

    he just needs time, i think that he's might be depressed also cause he left his place and country, changed environment and it's stressful. if u r friends, support him. write him something nice anf funny and beware that he maybe feels much worse then u.

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    Oh Sweetheart, I understand and I'm sorry about the loss of your friend.

    If you love him and want him to really miss you, too, then realize he is in London to study. He won't be able to have daily conversations with you like before. You have to get really busy here so that when he does communicate, you have cool things to talk about.

    He's in an exciting new environment and he will be trying to find his way around there and make friends while he is there. You will have to understand this. You have told him how you felt. As hard as it is, you should try to just get very very busy. He knows. Let him think on it.

    I know it hurts, especially when you are used to talking to someone all the time. You've lost your terminal! ( the person you exchange ideas with all the time) You need to try to find new friends where you are and spend time with other friends you already have to take up the slack of him being gone. Otherwise, you will bombard him with communication and that you are upset and depressed. There isn't anything he can do to help you because he has to be where he is to further his life. Don't upset him.

    Get busy so when he comes back you have a million things to share with him, like he will have with you. Besides, if you stop mailing him-he might just really miss you and it may prompt him to keep in touch more once he settles in.

    I know it's difficult, but you also have to think of yourself and your own future. Don't be discouraged, but what if he doesn't feel the same? The thing is-not to waste time. Don't wait. In the back of your mind, you can know how you feel and be hoping he comes back and missed you terribly, but in the meantime-have a plan B. Men do, trust me. They go so far as to set up plan b before they have even left plan A! So, just focus on you right now. Work out, take classes, meet new people. Get out of the house or you will go crazy. Try to get your attention off of him.

    If you know any Scientologists in your area, you could ask them for a "Loss of a person" assist. It is a very cool thing you can get that helps a person handle it when another person dies or leaves. It is very effective, so if you know anyone or if there's a church near you, you could find someone to give you that assist. It's free. You just have to find someone to give it to you who knows how.

    Good Luck, and chin up. It's going to be ok in the end.

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    Dont worry dear friend ,

    I am sure everyone who have replied you have faced this problem atleast once . Even I have faced this . Now I wont ask you to forget it right away. Forgetting him wont be easy.

    Anyway he has gone abroad for having a bright future . What can we do except praying for a very bright future for him.

    Dont forget him even if he forgets you . He would come back to you itself one day. Thats for sure.

    Try to get engaged in some activities that you like and try to get rid of the frustration . Maybe he would also be missing you .But we have to live.That's LIFE..........

    Its sure that you loved him very much that you are now in a situation where I had been atleast twice .

    I will pray to GOD to remove your worries.

    "Don't be dismayed at goodbyes. A farewell is before you can meet

    again. And meeting again after a moment or a lifetime is certain for

    those who are friends."

    Try to be happy.

    "You've got troubles, I've got 'em too. There isn't anything I

    wouldn't do for you. We'll stick together to see it through cause

    you've got a friend in me."

    Arun, .

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    Just stop thinking along these lines. Your life is too precious to give up because somebody-even someone close to u- has stopped responding to you.

    If there is any compelling reason for him tobreak contact with u, any amount of crying wont change that. Wisest thing to do is to resolve to forget him and move on with ur life. May be u will find someone better in future. Even if not, u can always enjoy so many good things and people around you.

    CHEER UP . There is lot more to life than one person.

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    Dear soconfused

    it is understandable that ur separatiuon from ur friend is depressing and i guess u are in love with him.the best way out from this situation is to just mail or call him and know why he has not replied rather than breaking ur head,he may be having some genuine reasons for not contacting u.

    please come to terms that u will have to be apart for sometime and get in touch with him immediately by mail or phone to bring your anxiety level down.


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    What ever happens is for your good only.

    You should care those who care you but you dont care who cares you that is the mistake.

    Love the ones who loves you then you will be always happy.

    Hopefully there may be many liking you but you might be doing the samething as the guy has done to you.

    Do to others what you expect from them.

    ALL THE BEST dear.

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    hey its ok heis not ignoring youhe might be not getting time to mail you and it is not neccessary that he might be feling same for you, that might be a of less conversation i any relationship distanematters a lot may be he had someone else to consersate sodirectly asking him the reason would be fine but before that try to understand your own feelings i think you are in love with him but pls try to understand yourself first and then ask him

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    if he is really a nice guy,then go ahead and ask one more time!may be he is too busy or stressed in a new place! your pride and your fears should never come in way of a close relationship!! there might be many different reasons for him not replying! just have patience and don't think too much!!just relax!! everything happens for good!!have faith in God!!

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    This sounds like he doesn't want to be your friend anymore and I think he's not good. the best way is forgetting about him. If you miss him, mail to him as soon as possible

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