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are spiders getting bigger?

are spiders getting bigger and how do you stop them coming in your house

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    From Forum Garden:

    "An article in the Daily Mail (UK) today, reported that the eight legged horrors are bigger this year, due to a mild winter last year, and a hot summer this year.

    I always thought house spiders were big enough, so what size are they talking about? I'd dread to think!

    The article in the Mail, however, seems to be praising the nasty critters! It concludes with 'If global warming means more, bigger and better-fed spiders, it is one consequence we should welcome. Bless their eight beautiful legs.' I don't think so! :("

    Me, I don't mind too much, though I don't like spiders -- I know they are necessary and helpful critters -- just stay away from me!!

    As for control, try the 1st link below for step-by-step instuctions and the 2nd one for hints from other folks on what to do.

    Good luck!!

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    They certainly appear to be!!!

    Practice good sanitation for control. Vacuum and clear away all webs, being sure to remove any egg cases. Move and dust frequently behind furniture, stored boxes and appliances.

    Eliminate the spiders' food sources - including flies, cockroaches and moths - and they will be less likely to return. Check and repair all screens, and seal cracks.

    Remove piles of wood, trash and debris from around the foundation of your home. Be sure to wear protective clothing: long-sleeved shirts, long pants, gloves and boots.

    Hose off the outside of your home to destroy webs and egg cases.

    Replace outdoor lights with yellow or sodium-vapour lightbulbs, which are less likely to attract insects and then spiders.

    Shake out clothing that has been stored before putting it on.

    If you're determined to use a chemical control against spiders, keep in mind that these are only effective if the chemical lands directly on the spider. A flyswatter works as quickly. I did read somewhere that spiders do not like the smell of Conkers!!The story goes if you drill a hole in the conkers,then place them around the home,it repels the spider!(remember conkers are poisonous to animals) No idea if this is true,as I have never tried it!! Another tip,keep all potted plants away from the house,as spiders will go to them to get water!! THAT worked for me!!! Have not had any so far!! Fingers crossed !!!!!!!!

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    I think they are getting thinner. there are far more of those very fragile spiders than I remember before. I used to live in Scotland and got no spiders at all in the house

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    don't know any ways to stop them getting in but apparently they aren't getting bigger, there was just a glut of flies and other spider delicacies at the begining of the year meaning that there are a lot more spiders that have grown to their optimal size.

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    i`ve heard there getting bigger because of the hot weather weve been having there living longer so there eating more and getting BIGGER and BIGGER.I hate spiders hope i dont see any big ones ill die of fright

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    i think they are - found a mega one in my spare room the other day - i am not sure how to stop them coming in but i get a hardback book and drop it on them. Yes im sorry all "they are all gods creatures" people out there but im terrified of them and wouldnt sleep if i knew one was about somewhere.

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    Yes and no, you could say that spiders are getting bigger but they are also getting smaller. Which one should we fear most?

    Prepare yourself:

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    I cant sleep at night because Im constantly looking around the bloody room!

    I have heard if you put conkers in the corners of your room it stops them but I havent tried it yet!

    Kill YOUR SPIDERS PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!

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    Yes and it's because of our changing climate apparantly. There are lots of crawling insect sprays available in supermarkets. Spray behind pipes and inside windows etc. It deters them.

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    Ewwww I hope not, luckily I'm a size 10 shoe. It is spider season now (in Europe) if you do get the answer please post it.

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