bin laden a muslim?


first off all i am Muslim and whoever doesnt like it can lick my ***

(that was just directed to the stroetypical ignorant people who think theyre better than anyone else)

secondly, ISLAM says that MUSLIMS DO NOT KILL ha ve u any idea of the millions of soilders in the war who are killingTHEMSELVES BECAUSE THEY ARE SO disguted of their actions?

y dont ppl know?

because bush doesnt want anyone to know his real reason for these deaths, (oil)

he wants to help ira.? BULL

9/11: one hell of a day

IN PALASTINE: their entire lives, futures lived in war, kill

it is known --actually it is misinterpeted that bin laden is muslim

bin laden - 1 MAN with a group of other terrorists was responsible for 9/11

one stupid, mental man

dont think that Muslims agree and support the crap he did

one big part of islam is peace

it is not possible to b muslim if u harm anyone

so do not believe that only because someone's title is muslim that they truly are MUSLIMS

wat do u think?

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    1 decade ago
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    I think that as long as you follow a religion that tells you to either convert or kill everybody you meet, and that people of other religions aren't really people, I say its a bad religion. I think that if you follow religious leaders who chant 'death to the infidel' from the highest towers in your country, you are in a bad religion. I think that if your religion condones torture, murder, and beating of women and children for no other reason than some man said to do it you are following a bad religion. I think that if you follow the teachings of a so-called prophet who was into war, death, possessions and sex you are in a bad religion. I think that if your answer to someone who changes their mind about belonging to your religion is to put a death warrant out on him, you are in a bad religion, I think that if your religion can't take a joke, or a little criticism, you are in a bad religion. I say that if you don't want to wake up and join the rest of the world in the 21st century go kill all who join you in your religion. And let the rest of us live in peace.

    that's what I think about your religion. Don't like it? tough !

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    1 decade ago

    This argument goes around in circles and unless someone starts a new division of Islam that is peaceful then there is no way to tell what muslims are peaceful and what aren't.. If I asked Bin Laden, he would say that you are not muslim because you don't fight against the USA. So there we have a argument of WHO is a real muslim. Who is right you or bin laden???

    You need to start a group called NEW ISLAM OF PEACE and then we would all know that by your name you are of that group.

    Both the Sunni and Shiite muslims do terrorism, are they muslims or not???

    Can't you understand that us on the outside can not tell who is muslim and who isn't.. Try to understand...

    ANOTHER THING.. If you are a muslim then stop swearing here and be a little more respectful. If people say bad things just take it like a man and be your peaceful self..

  • 1 decade ago

    Muslims kill, Christians, kill, and atheists kill. No one should judge all Muslims according to Bin Laden, nor should they judge all Christians by the Knights of the Crusades.

    Islam means peace, but there are readings in the Qu'ran which can be easily interpreted to support killing, such as in a holy war or jihad. I think that Mohammed himself was known to kill a few people. Maybe he had cause, but Osama, I'm sure has some twisted rhetoric for why he does as he does.

    The Taliban is generally regarded as ultraconservative, right-wind, fundamentalist Muslim in ideology. I know of no Arabic Muslims who would not characterize them in this way. All Muslims do not agree, anymore than Christians all agree.

    So far, the radical fundamentalists of the Muslim faith are a fringe element, but they sure make a lot of noise. We should all take care not to generalize about Muslims based on the actions of a few horrible people.

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    I know the difference between whackjobs (example: Bin Laden is a whackjob and the average Muslim is not) and a generally peaceful group of people. i know that not all Muslims are terrorists. Unlike many Americans, I've taken the time to educate myself about Islam. You can't be scared of something you've taken the time to understand, right? I wish only more people would learn about Islam (you don't have to agree with it learn about it and understand it) and stop letting the media and other closed-minded people spoon-feed them utter crap. It's sad to say that most people are willing to blame an entire group than it is to separate a single man from the group and blame him.

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  • 1 decade ago

    If one is wondering who is a Muslim or not;

    the Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) said it best. Follow the one true God of Abraham, for he is our only God.

    The Prophet of God has said:

    The greatest enemies of God are those who are entered into Islam, and do acts of infidelity, and who without cause, shed the blood of man.

    Islam commenced in a forlorn state, and will quickly return to what it was in the beginning; then be joyful, ye who are firm.

    These two statements made by him have never been truer.

    Here is a collection of the Prophet's sayings:

    I'm Muslim and I worship the one true God and follow the word of all his Messangers.

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    1 decade ago

    Actually, I have a problem with the people who say "he can't be a ______ if he does _______." I say yes he can. His fate at judgement will be far worse if he is a BAD MUSLIM than if he is a non-Muslim!! So yes, Bin Laden and Saddam both profess themselves to be Muslim. That means they will suffer the fate of BAD MUSLIMS upon judgement. If a person believes that there is one God and Mohammed (as) is his messenger, yet he doesn't follow this message, isnt' he worse than the one who is ignorant?

  • 1 decade ago

    I agree with u bud i hate people to stereotype peps just because of one action of one individual if u look through out history every religion has had a terorist So everyone out there dont blame the religion, blame the man and im sorry that there are ignorant people out there that dont understand the world

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    1 decade ago

    Yes, thats what Osama Bin Laden and many others are fighting for - the muslim faith. Of course there are some muslims who are not violent but overall anyone who takes the time to read the Quran will find it to be a book that incites Jihad and does not promote equality of women or non muslim people

  • 4 years ago

    any guy or woman with the experience of strategies won't in any respect help such atrocities. as for people who kill harmless people and supply IT THE call OF ALLAH, LIKE those SUICIDE BOMBERS -- could be THEY FORGOT TO examine THIS VERSE. THIS additionally APPLIES to those that DO IT IN A POLITICAL way TOO. Al-Rahman | seventy 8 verses | The Beneficient ???? ?????? Sura #fifty 5 | Makkah 33 O company of jinn and adult males, if ye have ability to penetrate (all) areas of the heavens and the earth, then penetrate (them)! Ye won't in any respect penetrate them save with (Our) sanction. basically like those Islam bashers who examine Quran and dont understand whats written in it. there is no distinction between the two -- one blows up harmless people at the same time as the different blows up the entire faith. what's JIHAD? JIHAD skill -- TO try OR TO conflict FROM interior of to extra useful URSELF. JIhad is of two types, the 1st one a million. accd to prophet muhammed-pbuh --'the main holiest of wars is the conquest of thyself.' 2. whilst one is attempting to opress u and ur family contributors, as a final motel to self-protection, whilst no peace talks will paintings. the third and new style of Jihad became presented by utilising the Extremists and Media, to brainwash people, so that they replenish their wallet on the cost of somebody elses life. and enable me tell u that there is no 'seventy two virgin concept' in Islam. those people who kill and unfold fake lies, will Inshaallah be the 1st ones to be thrown into the Hellfire

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    Bin Laden is a confused individual , he's not a religious individual. Dont feel hate towards others because of what u hear or read.

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