bin laden a muslim?


first off all i am Muslim and whoever doesnt like it can lick my ***

(that was just directed to the stroetypical ignorant people who think theyre better than anyone else)

secondly, ISLAM says that MUSLIMS DO NOT KILL ha ve u any idea of the millions of soilders in the war who are killingTHEMSELVES BECAUSE THEY ARE SO disguted of their actions?

y dont ppl know?

because bush doesnt want anyone to know his real reason for these deaths, (oil)

he wants to help ira.? BULL

9/11: one hell of a day

IN PALASTINE: their entire lives, futures lived in war, kill

it is known --actually it is misinterpeted that bin laden is muslim

bin laden - 1 MAN with a group of other terrorists was responsible for 9/11

one stupid, mental man

dont think that Muslims agree and support the crap he did

one big part of islam is peace

it is not possible to b muslim if u harm anyone

so do not believe that only because someone's title is muslim that they truly are MUSLIMS

wat do u think?

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    1 decade ago
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    You're nuts, that's what I think.

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    4 years ago

    This argument is going round in circles and except someone starts off a sparkling branch of Islam it fairly is non violent then there's no thanks to inform what muslims are non violent and what are not.. If I requested Bin encumbered, he might want to assert that you at the on the spot are not muslim because you do not wrestle hostile to the u . s .. So there we've a argument of who's a actual muslim. who's ideal you or bin encumbered??? you want to initiate a set referred to as NEW ISLAM OF PEACE and then shall we all recognize that by employing your call you're of that crew. both the Sunni and Shiite muslims do terrorism, are they muslims or not??? won't be able to you comprehend that us on the exterior can not tell who's muslim and who isn't.. attempt to comprehend... yet another difficulty.. if you're a muslim then provide up swearing the following and be a touch extra respectful. If human beings say undesirable issues in basic terms take it like a guy and be your non violent self..

  • 1 decade ago

    any person with the sense of mind will never support such atrocities. as for people who kill innocent people and GIVE IT THE NAME OF ALLAH, LIKE THOSE SUICIDE BOMBERS -- MAY BE THEY FORGOT TO READ THIS VERSE. THIS ALSO APPLIES TO THOSE WHO DO IT IN A POLITICAL MANNER TOO.

    Al-Rahman | 78 verses | The Beneficient سورة الرحمن

    Sura #55 | Makkah

    33 O company of jinn and men, if ye have power to penetrate (all) regions of the heavens and the earth, then penetrate (them)! Ye will never penetrate them save with (Our) sanction.

    just like those Islam bashers who read Quran and dont understand whats written in it. there is no difference between the two -- one blows up innocent people while the other blows up the whole religion.

    what is JIHAD?


    JIhad is of 2 types, the first one

    1. accd to prophet muhammed-pbuh --'the most holiest of wars is the conquest of thyself.'

    2. when one is trying to opress u and ur family, as a last resort to self-defense, when no peace talks will work.

    the 3rd and new type of Jihad was introduced by the Extremists and Media, to brainwash people, so that they fill up their pockets at the expense of someone elses life. and let me tell u that there is no '72 virgin concept' in Islam. these people who kill and spread false lies, will Inshaallah be the first ones to be thrown into the Hellfire

  • 1 decade ago

    what it comes down to is that Bin Laden and his little coward terrorist buddies have taken the teachings and beliefs of the religion and twisted them as to create a cause to fight for.

    Does this make him muslim?

    Yes in a distorted way.

    as far as the oil issue goes it has been beat into the ground. Oil is not and never was a deciding factor.

    Is that a bible I hear being thumped?

    It is Bible thumping in stereo

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  • 1 decade ago

    well there's a little bit more to it than oil,we have our own oil,everyone want to blame Bush,if Clinton had done his job,this probably wouldn't be going on but then ,there's also another thing you are not looking at,the prophecies in the Bible,this is part of the end times,and it was to happen this way,like it or not,the world is ending, as we read this

  • 1 decade ago

    unfortunately even if bin laden dose not follow the virtues of Islam by the very fact he practices and believes in the religion makes him Muslim.

    the same is true for Timothy McVeigh even though he was evil he was still a practicing Christian.

  • 1 decade ago

    Well there are leaders in the mid east that instill hate for Americans in their people and claim that we are infidels and go against God. They blame us for their decrepit state of ther countries. They invest billions in weapons to fight the Jews and the infidels instead of investing in their own economy.

    They need to get over the past and look to the future. We need to have a peaceful world and we need to work together.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Be careful my friend, before you start declaring others as kafirs or disbelievers.

    You may disagree with their actions. But do not question another Muslims faith. It is not for you to judge.

  • 1 decade ago

    If only you can get Osama and Fiends to see your point that Muslims dont love or support them...

    But yep I forgot they are retarded...

  • 1 decade ago

    Anyone asks me, I tell them Fed Phelps is as mainstream a Christian as OBL is a mainstream Mulsim - i.e. not at all.

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