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Do you pee in the swimming pool?

Come on be honest, we are all anonymous on here.


I believed the dye story too which is why I don't, I will quite happily pee in the sea though.

Update 2:

But Bill I saw it on Newsround so it must be true.

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    I never go to swimming pools, because there's too much chlorine in the water. The reason there's too much chlorine is because there are too many germs.

    I don't think urine is the problem, because there are no germs in urine, unless you have a bladder infection. The problem is the nasty warts and other viruses.

    The sea is, of course, where they empty the sewers. Ships also tip their effluent straight into the sea. There are lots of dead bodies in it, too. But the sea doesn't need chlorination because it's very, very big.

    So, when you go swimming in the sea and swallow a mouthful, you only get a very tiny bit of raw sewage, bilge-water and rotting corpse, but not enough to do you any harm, probably.

    When you go swimming in a swimming pool, you get enough chlorine to turn your eyes a funny colour and make them hurt, and that's why I don't go there.

    In the UK, I don't go swimming in the sea either; not so much because the water is poisonous but because the beaches are full of detritus, including junkies' hypodermic syringes.

    Lakes in sparsely populated areas are best, but check first for crocodiles, pirana fish and nasty little venomous things that also have a preference for very clean water. A bottle of Brobat will probably keep them away, but then we're back where I started.

    To answer your question, do I pee in swimming pools? I did once when I was very small, and that's what started me thinking about the above.

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    human beings pee in swimming pools through fact they are surrounded with the help of water. Its basically a element interior the recommendations, and the they do it interior the pool through fact they are to lazy to bypass to the lavatories and that they think of no one will understand. as quickly as I say its a element interior the recommendations, i mean its like in case you place someones hand in heat water whilst they are slumbering they are probably to moist themselves. All in thesubconsciouss. have faith me if there are any human beings on right here who respond asserting they have not peed in a pool they are mendacity, until they are able to't swim and have in no way been in a pool. Its like me asserting i've got in no way farted!! Get genuine!

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    I did when I was a kid but stopped when my dad told me that they put dye in to the pool and whoever pee's the dye shows up around them. That scared me off. Now I tell my children not to as it's disgusting and if that doesn't work I tell them the dye story!

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    No thats distgusting. Although Im sure there are many that do.

    Incidentaly the dye story was made up by American parents to stop kids doing it.

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  • Cori
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    EEeeewww, you obviously do!!

    No I can honestly say I don't, never had & never would.

    (You know in some swimmingpools they have an invisible dye in it that changes to purpleish kinda colour around you when it detects chemicals in urine?! So beware lol)

    Also, to all you pool-peeing people, just think about how much water you swallow when swimming! Yuck!

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    not in swimming pools coz thats horrid.

    gotta pee in the sea tho!

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    Only if I can get away with it.

    The trick is to let out a little bit first, and see if the water changes colour. If it remains clear, then you're free to pee as much as you like.

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    No. You mean people pee in swimming pools?

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    Character and class call for being able to do what one is supposed to do--when one is supposed to do the task--even when no-one is looking. By the way, there is always a supreme one looking.


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    THERE IS NO 'SECRET' DYE! Bloody hell, do you lot believe everything they tell you? If theer was a dye you'd CONSTANTLY see it in the water with all the kids that go in there. But no, I don't piddle in the pool because I don't go swimming.

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