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What is your opinion of a Front load washing machine?

Would anyone mind giving me some feedback, pros and cons on a Front load washing machine. Since there is no adgetator in one are your clothes getting as clean?

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    I bought mine in January 1999 - I love it. I have never had to call a repairman, but my husband has had to take it apart twice. Once to get a paper clip out of the pump and another time to get my bra underwire out of the pump. (I was not responsible for the paper clip, and I do not handwash anything). You have to use frontloader soap (marked HE for high efficiency) because the regular stuff suds too much for the lower water levels to rinse out properly. It cleans just fine without an agitator - because the drum is sideways, not perpendicular, the clothes get agitated just as much as they do in a standard washer when the drum spins around. It spins around in both directions. Consumer Reports rates them quite highly as well. Be sure and get a good brand, though - some are more repair-prone than others. My friend bought one, too, and she loves it. They are much gentler on clothes than a standard toploading model.

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    We've had a Kenmore front load washing machine since May, 2003. I love it and have never had any repair issues. It does use less water and my clothes seem just as clean, although I can't say that it saves energy since the wash cycle takes just as long as my old top load machine.

    The only issue I've had is that the soap/bleach/fabric softener dispenser drawer gets mildew in it so I have to remove it after doing laundry to let it and the drawer compartment completely dry.

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    I have a Kenmore front loader and like it. THe clothes are clean - my only small complaint would be that a load takes a pretty long time to go throug the cycle My advise is to stay FAR AWAY from Whirlpool!

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    front load washers do get wash cleaner , i am a mechanic and if i forget my uniforms i have to wash them myself . i used my top load machine [with plastic lined drum] and greasy clothes got half clean, and had to scrub the plastic drum out, machine was nasty, wife was really mad. next time went to laundry-mat and used front-load machine uniform were cleaner than when they normally come back from service co. i have heard of old front loads leaking but am sure modern seals have eliminated this problem.

    i just wish our top loader would hurry up and die. [so i can justify the purchase of a front. loader]. dont purchase anything with a plastic lined drum .good luck

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    They work awsome I have one and would not trade it for anything. We have a friend who works on washers and he did tell us if they do go out its usually the rubber seal in the front so he told us to make sure every so often we clean it real good and dry it because they can rot.No problems so far and its been 2 yrs...

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    Front loaders are great especially for comforters, they also use less water and detergent. They are often more energy efficient. I haven't heard of anyone with broken seals causing a leak. Like any other piece of equipment you need to pay attention if you've had it for awhile. If the seals are looking worn, get them replaced. Do preventative maintenance. I've had only positive results with them.

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    Potential problems.. A direct drive whirlpool or Kenmore are better. Kenmore, and whirlpool are the exact same washer, just different names. I work on them daily.. I am a major appliance repair person. The only difference is they look good and it make you feel like you're in the laundry mat. But in one years time, you'll be calling a service person to charge you an arm and a leg to fix it.

    Source(s): I work on them everyday..
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    Google for a site-- Thrifty.com I think-- just had a huge number of comments on front loaders-- the key word was STINKY TOWELS.

    Quite an education.

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    1. it depends on the brand.

    2. Do not buy a front load machine just because it loads from the front.

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    i was told by a sears repair man not to buy front loaders cause they can leak really bad and that the seals break. so i bought a huge top loader and haven't had a problem yet

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