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Is it true that Soy milk contains trans fats (hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated fats)?

I have just read an article which indicates that soy milk contains hydrogetated fats which are, of course, extremely bad for you.

Can anyone shed any more light on this?

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    Hydrogenated fats are, in fact, very bad for you. Hydrogenation causes typically unsaturated fats to become saturated. Trans fatty acids are also created by the hydrogenation process.

    To answer your question: Since the hydrogenation process is used primarily to turn fats/oils to a more solid form when kept at room temperature (such as margarine) in order to increase shelf life, I would feel safe saying that any decent quality soy milk you buy would not contain any hydrogenated fats.

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    It all depends on the manufacturer. You simply need to read the label which will list ingredients, and recent rules are requiring listing how much trans fat, if any, is present.

    Real milk does not contain trans fats at all. These do not occur naturally. You can find recipes to make your own soy milk, or simply locate a brand free of unwanted fats, or use another dairy alternative. Everyone, not only vegetarians, should read ingredient labels.

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    Traditional soy milk, a stable emulsion of oil, water and protein, is simply an aqueous extract of whole soybeans. The liquid is produced by soaking dry soybeans, and grinding them with water. Soy milk contains about the same proportion of protein as cow's milk~ around 3.5%; also 2% fat, 2.9% carbohydrate and 0.5% ash. Lower fat varieties of soy milk are often significantly lower in protein than cow's milk because the defatting process is not one of skimming risen cream, rather it involves adding water.[citations needed] Soy milk can be made at home with traditional kitchen tools or with a soy milk machine

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    When cooking, swap out the butter for one of them.

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    both are roughly the same except when it comes to protein. ALMOST ALL veggies include a respectable amount of protein; fruits does not.

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    The definition of fresh fruit has different meanings depending on context.

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    Spread hummus, mustard, or pureed roasted red pepper on sandwiches as opposed to mayonnaise.

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    Make your own low-fat ice cream using frozen bananas and peanut butter as well as luscious cherries and chocolate.

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    It would be listed on the label if it did. Usually there aren't added fats, just the naturally occurring ones from the soybeans. Cows milk has saturated fat, if that helps you any.

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    Keep a reusable water bottle on your own desk to sip often. Being hydrated can satiate hunger and also cravings, reduce bloating, and keep you more alert.

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    Nosh on baked carrot chips as opposed to greasy potato chips.

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