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what works better hot rollers or the pink sponge ones??

Im going to a concert on Saturday and tonight im going to go and buy some rollers. But I want to know what works best. And what is the best method to use to get full long lasting curls. Thanks so much.....

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    Hot Rollers will give you the best and most long lasting curl. When my hair was long I washed/conditioned it, applied leave in conditioner, Frizz Ease mixed with some gel or mousse and blow dried.

    Then you take a section of hair (dont' use too wide or too thick) and brushed it smooth then wrapped it around the curler. I would also suggest that you get some decent clips instead of those terrible plastic things that come with roller sets. They never held my hair at all. Make sure you let the curlers cool before you take it out.

    After your hair is set then either brush it out or finger comb it out into desired style and then set it with hairspray. Try not to mess with as it will frizz up and fall.

    Source(s): Having long hair most of my life and using hot rollers.
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    Pink rollers will do nothing but make your hair frizzy. And if you are talking about the kind of hot rollers that are actually rollers that sit in an oven to get hot. They to will also disappoint you. Run out and get a curling iron (one that doesn't use steam). Get one from a beauty supply store (the black people kind). Make sure the rod on it is gold and not silver. Hopefully it won't take long to curl your hair (have plenty of hairspray on hand). I'm sure you will be the best looking girl there.

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    In my experience...

    I have found that the best, longest lasting curls are gotten the same way that little old ladies get them... plastic rollers rolled by a beautician on wet hair. (They put you under a dryer afterwards.)

    Sponge curlers are next, but you have to have your hair DAMP, not WET and sleep in them all night long (you sleep terribly!)

    Hot rollers and velcro rollers almost tie. Hot rollers give you loose bouncy curls.

    Once in a while to treat myself, I like to go to the local beauty college and for $8 get my hair wrapped in plastic rollers. The whole thing usually takes about 2 hours, but, (if I don't have them touch the curls after the curlers are taken out) I can style it how I want to and the curls will last for a couple of days. Rememebr, those places are full of little old ladies that go once a week for a wash and a set (that's what they call it) and who depend on the style to last all week long!

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    Hot rollers or a "wet set" with a gel-type product applied to your wet hair, combed through, set and sit under a dryer until you hair is dry.....then let it cool 10-15 minutes and remove each roller. Style as you want.....use your fingers then a fixative spray for a wild look, or brush out with an "air brush" for a more natural look. If you brush out your set with a nylon brush, you'll increase the static and it sometimes makes your hair really fluffy. How long is your hair.....what is the weather forecast (beware of humidity) and are you planning to "sweat out" your "do" by dancing, driving in a convertible or other sweaty endeavors? Have fun!

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    cold coal spirals are best. Hot rollers give you more of a loose curl. Pink sponge rollers are more inconvenient but have more of a lasting curl.

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    The heating curlers and a holding spray may hold the curl. The sponge ones can hold the curl without heat, and you'll have to wear it longer, but it'll probably hold the curls a pretty long time once your hair sets.

  • u first sit under the hot rollers to first make the curls. the sponge rollers is for maintenence, like for wearing to bed or something.

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    I like the rollers that you can heat up. They're faster and you dont have to sleep in them. I find them to be less messier than the pink sponge ones. But whatever works better for your hair and/or hairstyle that you plan to do.

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    hot rollers work great. I have long hair and thats what I use. Hot rollers and hair spray.

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    Hot rollers for sure. Just use em' then lightly comb/brush...then a bit of good hairspray. You will be gorgeous da'ling

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