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My rain jacket has a "polyamide" lining - does this mean its waterproof?

Or just 'showerproof'? it doesnt say if its waterproof as i dont have tags anymore


it says its 100% polymamide nylon, so could be waterproof?

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    Polyamide is a general name for polymers that is made up of N-C=O (the connecting bit) and other side chains connected to the carbon atom. a polymer is made up of many repeating units of a smller molecule if connected by the bit above i mentioned, it's called polyamide. but the properties of polyamide depends largerly on the side chains, so... your rain coat description only says it's a polyamide, but no chemical formula, the best way to answer your question is wait till your area is raining like hell, then put on your dried rain coat and go out for a walk in the park come back in one hour and see how dry you still were, hahahahahahahahahahaha, by the way protein can also be know as polyamide because of that connecting bit ( peptide bond), our skin is made of protein, but it's not water proof, so give it a go and see if your rain coat is the best water proof material in the world, p.s pix's answer is great

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    Is Polyamide Waterproof

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    Unlikely - the outer ' shell ' of the jacket will provide the waterproofing element of the jacket.

    Linings are designed to provide warmth and also to ' wick ' mositure away from the body

    Although polyamide is a man-made material and is itself waterproof, the weave of the material will not provide much protection.

    That said, you could improve your jackets protection by treating it with a water-repellent spray or wash-in treatment


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    A polyamide is a polymer containing monomers joined by peptide bonds. They can occur both naturally, examples being proteins, such as wool and silk, and can be made artificially, examples being Nylon, Kevlar and sodium poly(aspartate). The question is, what polyamide state is the lining of your jacket? My suggestion would be to do a "water test" on the lining of your jacket. Find an inconspicuous area of the lining (such as th under arm) Squeeze some droplets of water on the area and see how it reacts. Does it soak in immediately, does it bead off and then soak in, or does it bead and roll off? If it doesn't soak into the material at all you are safe. If you are unsure, they have sprays to help make some clothes water resistant. Good luck

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    My rain jacket has a "polyamide" lining - does this mean its waterproof?

    Or just 'showerproof'? it doesnt say if its waterproof as i dont have tags anymore

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    Polyamide is just nylon. As you know, nylon is waterproof. As to whether or not your jacket is waterproof will depend on how the nylon is woven - if a very open weave, then it will be less waterproof than a very close weave.

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    Its not the lining that's important, but the outer material. The label should say whether it is waterproof, or just shower proof or shower resistant. Most true waterproofs have either a plastic coating or are waxed. many are just shower proof.

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    It's a rain jacket so it's waterproof.

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    depends on the quality of nylon they used. most are at least showerproof and if the weave is tight enough it'll be fine. besides it's a rain jacket. you hope it's waterproof

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