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Feeding fish to snakes..?

does anyone know if feeding Shiners (the type fish and its used as fishing bait) to snakes are ok? because ive had some in my fish tank for a while now because they kept dying in the bucket when id go fishing. so now ive kept them in my fish tank with my other fish. do you think its safe if I fed one to my garter snake?

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    garter snakes are related to ribbon snakes. ribbon snakes do eat small fish as part of their normal diet. thats all i usually feed my ribbon snake. i buy small rosey red guppies and put about 10 a week in his water bowl. its fun to watch him go "fishing". They are usually all gone in a few hours.

    i never had a garter. but, hey put one in the water dish and see what happens.

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    garters are perfectly fine eating freshwater fish as long as the fish are healthy and don't seem to have parasites or anything like that which can infect snakes. I'd recommend setting up a small aquarium and breed guppies for that purpose.

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    Your garter would eat these small fish with gusto & there's nothing wrong with feeding them to your snake, but you don't want to feed them an all fish diet. There are certain nutrients they need to get from other sources(mice. earthworms, salamanders etc.)

  • I tried to feed on to my California kingsnake with fish once, but she didn't like them...But that's my snake, it wouldn't hurt to try and feed you garter snake one.

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    yeah, mice work, but i'm sure you know that.

    in answer to your question, although feeding your garter snake fish may not have many health benefits, it certainly will not harm your snake.

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    Garter snakes hunt for frogs, toads and any kind of fish.

    They also eat insects and earthworms.

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    Call petco at 623-376-0621. After it, under the mnu option, dial 3. Then ask your question.

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    i think they eat almost any kind of fish, but idk. Sry, this probally didnt help, but i think they can eat them.

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