do you think this is serious?

I drink pints of diluted juice, sometimes at mealtimes i drink more than i eat. If i eat many sugary foods or sweets i am shattered that day even though everyone says that those foods are full of energy. If it is some time since I've eaten and I'm hungry i often suddenly find that I've slowed right down and am so tired i feel dead and can't do anything. Sometimes after work I've driven home in this half collasped state and don't remember how i got home. It seems to happen gradually a few hours after i've eaten, and i don't really notice until I'm totally whacked. After I've eaten again I perk up a bit. Also I can't seem to get anywhere near enough sleep anymore - no matter how many hours i get. Whats up?! I don't like going to the Drs because they always get so stroppy and act like you shouldn't have gone and you've wasted their time if it turns out to be nothing too bad.

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    Firstly, see a different doctor to the usual one, if you feel like that about him. Us tax - payers pay his wages, so don't feel like you shouldn't be there.

    You definately need to see a doctor. It does sound like something to do with sugar levels and maybe Diabeties?

    You need to get that check out asap. You should copy and paste, and print out your question and dump that on the doctors desk!

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    If your female there is a possibility that you might be pregnant. I have had 3 children and during every pregnancy I had these same symptoms. Sometimes I would even pass out. My doctor ran several test on me and concluded that I had low blood sugar and I also was anemic. He even put a heart monitor on me for 24hrs. He thought there was a possibility that I might have a heart murmur. Thank goodness he was mistaken. He recommended that I eat like a diabetic(6 small meals a day) since my case was not severe enough to treat with meds. Also if you go a while with no food and your sugar gets low and you eat or drink something high in sugar it will cause your blood sugar to be too high. This also can make you feel drained. These same symptoms can can happen to a nonpregnat person. Also male or female.

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    diabetes is when your pancreas stops producing an enzyme called Insulin.

    Insulin causes sugars ( mainly glucose) to be converted to Glycogen in short term stores in the liver.

    Without insulin there is too much sugar in your blood. This causes the water in your cells, which are essential for the cells to work, to move our of the cells to try and even out the sugar concentration.

    this manifests in two types, type 1 and type 2.

    Type 1 is when for no apparent reason your pancreas gives up and this can happen to anyone no matter how fit or how old they are.

    Type 2 this is becoming scarily more common in children is due to obesity. You are eating so much sugar that your pancreas just can't handle it any more and gives up the ghost.

    Diabetes is very serious buy don't worry it is treatable through many different ways and people live completely normal lives with it.

    this is just what diabetes is, only a blood test from a doctor will be able to confirm this.

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    Don't eat so many sugary foods. Slow down and eat 3 a week. You're going to wind up going really crazy, so you need to go to the doctor. Find a doctor that you like so you will feel comfortable going to them-after all they are there to help you and if they're going to be grumpy about it then they aren't real doctors.

    Schedule an appointment at the doctor and stay AWAY from sweets. I hope you get better soon.

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    It's because of what you are drinking and eating, sugary stuff produces a short term energy rush and then the body crashes. You want to eat slow release carbohydrates, eg pasta, potatoes, when you start to feel physically bad, eat a banana and some dried fruit. Drink plenty of water and cut out or reduce the sugary drinks. Get a book on the G.I diet, this may help.

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    Dont drink so much juice. The acid may be affecting you negatively. Check your diet. Sugary foods only give a temporary rush followed by a crash. Juice can have alot of sugar. Eat a more balanced diet with lots of veggies. I think that may be your problem. If that does not work, you may have to break down and see the doc.

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    Your explanation of how you feel, indeed sounds serious, if I were you no matter what the doctor say , I would still want to see a doctor maybe a different one. I know by how you fully explained yourself that you didn't always fell this way, I really think you are sick, I just don't know how sick, what cause your sickness or how you can be cured. But all these are what a good and caring doctor should be able to give you answers for, You can't and must not continue your life in this state that you are in.

    PLEASE, I ask of you to try and get help, for your sake, try and be brave,


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    Everything you eat, and I do mean everything, is broken down by the body into simple sugars, that is what we run on. We use insulin produced by our pancreas to burn that sugar. If we eat a great deal of foods that break down quickly into simple sugars, like juice, like carbohydrates, our pancreas produces massive amounts of insulin to burn all that sugar efficiently. If we only drink juice and eat these easily metabolized foods, and do not eat enough protien etc, then when the insulin is used to burn the sugar, there is nothing left for the body to run on and you go into a state of hypoglycemia, low blood sugar. This leaves you feeling tired all the time. If the sugar goes low enough, it can be life threatening. You need to see a doctor or a registered dietician and learn to eat a balanced diet.

    Source(s): Registered Nurse
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    You need to get either your blood or urine checked as soon as you can. You may just be confusing your system overloading it with so much sugar in your juice or carbs or you may have too much blood sugar which can be rectified with a sensible diet. I dont want to quote 'diabetes' but you really need to have the blood/urine test to make sure thats not the underlying problem. You seem to have all the symptoms of that but as I say it can be rectified with diet alone. So please dont think the worse and that you may be Type III . Your doctor shouldnt have a problem with you going to check, in fact they should praise you for being so sensible. If left to long you will feel so ill.

    Source(s): My husband has been diabetic since the age of 10 and he's 57 now
  • Type 1 or 2 DIABETES!!! You have to go to the doctor otherwise you could die from hypo glycemic shock etc

    Signs and symptoms of hypoglycemia

    Hypoglycemic symptoms and manifestations can be divided into those produced by the counterregulatory hormones (adrenaline and glucagon) triggered by the falling glucose, and the neuroglycopenic effects produced by the reduced brain sugar.


    Adrenergic Manifestations

    Shakiness, anxiety, nervousness, tremor

    Palpitations, tachycardia

    Sweating, feeling of warmth

    Pallor, coldness, clamminess

    Dilated pupils


    Glucagon Manifestations

    Hunger, borborygmus

    Nausea, vomiting, abdominal discomfort


    Neuroglycopenic Manifestations

    Abnormal mentation, impaired judgement

    Nonspecific dysphoria, anxiety, moodiness, depression, crying, fear of dying

    Negativism, irritability, belligerence, combativeness, rage

    Personality change, emotional lability

    Fatigue, weakness, apathy, lethargy, daydreaming, sleep

    Confusion, amnesia, dizziness, delirium

    Staring, "glassy" look, blurred vision, double vision

    Automatic behavior, also known as automatism

    Difficulty speaking, slurred speech

    Ataxia, incoordination, sometimes mistaken for "drunkenness"

    Focal or general motor deficit, paralysis, hemiparesis

    Paresthesias, headache

    Stupor, coma, abnormal breathing

    Generalized or focal seizures

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    It sounds like diabetes, you can buy a home test I think in Boots that will tell you and if it is really bad then you should see a dr, you never know and life is too short for not getting things sorted out.

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