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can anybody think of a word that rhymes with pint?

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    As many have noted, "pint" has no PERFECT rhyme. But various "near rhymes" might work, depending on the setting: The trick is to match MOST of the sounds, and have the ones that don't match perfectly as close as possible.

    1) Adding an unaccented vowel may work the best, since the added vowel is scarcely pronounced (a swallowed or "schewa" sound), as in:

    (com)pliant, defiant, giant, reliant

    2) use a somewhat related vowel sound -- a combined vowel sound (or "diphthong") that ends the same way

    a) "long a" (since it also ends with a "ee" sound, as does the "long i" of pint)

    ain't, faint, paint, saint

    works well is some dialects (e.g., Cockney), so-so in most

    b) "oi" which likewise ends with a long "ee" sound:

    anoint, appoint, joint, point

    2) By a variation in the final consonants

    a) leaving out the "n" -- ite words (many!)

    bite, blight, bright, cite, delight, fight, height, indict, invite, kite, light, might, night, sight, site, slight, spite, sprite, tight, white

    b) use the voiced sound /d/ instead of unvoiced /t/ at the end:

    behind, bind, blind, find, grind, hind, kind, mind, remind, (re)wind, rind, combined, defined, dined, divined, fined, inclined, lined, mined, shined, signed, spined, wined

    Notice that WHERE you use the words in a poem will determine just how strong or exact the rhyme needs to be. (For example, humorous verse, like a limerick, will often be fine with imperfect rhymes... or even "dialectal rhymes", e.g., pronouncing the whole thing --or key words-- with a regional accent [Cockney in this case].)

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    Often in a limerick or other piece of rhyming work it is not essential that the rhyme in question be a 'dictionary word' - it could be a place or person. What matters is that the word used is recognised as meaning something by the eventual audience.

    So can I suggest the name Geraint as in the well-known Welsh bass-baritone Geraint Evans - a perfect rhyme with 'pint' I believe. Hope this helps. Best regards.

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    A word that rhymes with pint?

    How hard could that be.

    Oh wait now I see.

    Pint is a word like no other,

    it has no rhyming friend, no brother.

    There are many words that have no rhyme in the English language, "orange" is only the most famous. Other words that have no rhyme include:

    silver, purple, month, ninth, pint, wolf,

    opus, dangerous, marathon, and discombobulate.

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    'PINT' /paint) is one of the many words that have no rhyme in the English language, "orange" is the most famous of them.

    Other words that have no rhyme include:'silver, purple, month, ninth, wolf, opus, dangerous, marathon, and discombobulate.

    These words have no 'perfect rhyme'. Using "SLANT RHYME', we can rhyme with these words anyway.

    Words such as the following are used to rhyme with 'PINT' :

    * 'ain't'

    * 'paint'

    * 'saint'

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    There are no perfect rhymes for the word "pint". But there are some similar sounding words, such as white, fight, light, sight, piatt, piped, piet, pine, pines, or pynes.

    You could try using the word cup or quart in place of pint, and try and find words from there that rhyme. Good luck! :)


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    Pint doesn’t have other exact words that rhyme with it; orange, purple, moth, silver… So the closest are:





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    It's a word like 'orange' and 'purple'... there is no exact rhyming word for it..... but this site will come in handy for some ideas...

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    Pints, dynamite, trilobite, Bruce Forsythe?

    Pints is my last answer!

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    finite -- not an exact rhyme... try, they have every rhyming word, including phrases

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