can someone pls tell me what this is and what it does. i see it a lot when people ask about sites for downloading and being a novice to all this, i dont know what it is.

please tell me in plain english and not computer jargon! thanx.

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    BitTorrent makes it easier for people to share big files (like movies, cd-quality music albums, etc). To do it, you need a BitTorrent client. I like Azureus, which you can download at

    To use it, first you need a ".torrent" file, which you can download from a variety of Web sites. This ".torrent" file has all the information the BitTorrent client needs to download the file you want. So open that ".torrent" file in Azureus. If all goes welll, you'll start receiving parts of that big file you want. Then, your computer will start sending the parts you have, to other people who don't have that part. This continues until you have the whole file.

    One place you can find a ".torrent" file is at

    They have a bunch of legal cd-quality recordings of live artist performances. Counting Crows, Radiohead, Ben Folds, etc.

    Good luck. Quite frankly, you're going to have to embrace a bit of computer jargon in order to become familiar with BitTorrent, so be prepared for some frustration upfront. It gets easier...

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    its a file containing music or movies and u use a torrent program to download the torrent

    usally music torrents is a whole cd and movie torrents is a whole movie

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    .torrent is a type of P2P file for sharing data over the web.

    You can get any torrent programs for free and it can only open .torrent files.

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