Edinburgh Tunnel?

dose anyone know anything about tunnels under Edinburgh?


wow you seem to know a lot beegsyboy, I live in Edinburgh and find it intresting, feel free to email me

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    Which ones??

    Think there's quite a few.

    - First one I know about runs from down near Cannonmills, up through the New Town (think it goes under one of the streets like Hanover or Fredrick) and comes out in Waverly Station.

    They wanted to turn it into a car park at one point.

    - One runs from the old Morge in the Cowagte up to the University on Chanbers Street, where they would secretly take the bodies for chopping up/surgery.

    - Thats not even mentioning all the old streets burried under other streets around the Cowgate and Royal Mile.

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    They are called Edinburg Vaults.

    In the 18th century, with the Old Town of Edinburgh becoming barely habitable due to overcrowding, the local council began development of the New Town. The access from the Old Town to the New Town was made possible with the building of the North Bridge and access to the city was then improved when the South Bridge was built.

    The South Bridge consisted of 19 arches built over the Cowgate ravine, back in the late 18th century. At the time when the bridge was built the land under it had been excavated to make chambers and both large and small rooms -- The Edinburgh Vaults.

    The vaults were used mostly by merchants and craftsmen that had businesses on South Bridge for storing wine, dairy and other products and were guarded by underground caretakers. Families also lived in some of the rooms of these vaults but with no sunlight or ventilation and with the issue of waste disposal, these vaults were barely habitable.

    Some local legends suggest that the vaults could have been used for something else other than storing goods. Burke and Hare, the notorious body snatchers could have brought their victims underground before selling them to the nearby hospital but no evidence has been found.

    The vaults in Old Town Edinburgh were not properly waterproofed and soon became uninhabitable. They were then filled and their existence erased from public records.

    Two hundred years later they were discovered and excavations started to bring light to these long forgotten chambers. Soon after, the Edinburgh Vaults opened for tourists and many of today's local ghost tours companies regularly include them in their tours.

    Explanations of ghost sightings in the Edinburgh Vaults

    Tourist accountings of strange sightings and sensations while inside the vaults have become numerous and have sparked interest for paranormal investigations.

    One scientific explanation for some of the underground experiences is linked to the fact that South Bridge is a heavy traffic route to the City. The traffic flow above creates vibrations which in turn create spectra that could be associated with sensations people experience while on ghost tours in these underground vaults.

    Other investigations have reported unusual energy readings and photographs taken by tourists reveal orbs or white markings.

    Haunted or not, the underground vaults reveal a fascinating account of life in an overcrowded 18th century Edinburgh before the major civic improvements transformed Scotland's capital in late 18th century.

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    There are lots of vaults under Edinburgh, The old town was largely built over and sealed up during the plague.

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    no, but there is definately one under Dundee, so I dont see why there wouldnt be one under Edinburgh too (apart from the sealife tunnel)lol

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    yes they got closed during the plague but are re opened now for tours at the grasss market,royal mile etc. i am from edin and work there to.edinburgh is a dirty dump and i wouldn't go there as a tourist.

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    yes factmonster.com will try it you have nothing to lose and i might gain 10 points you never know your thirst for knowledge

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    I'm not sure, but it made me think...Cheers

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