How long should I wait to ask her to marry me?

I have now been in love with a good woman about a year. I want to know if anyone has any suggestions on how long to wait to pop the questions. When I do should I do it on Christmas Eve or should I do it another time? She has been hinting of having a diamond. Do women like the traditional kneel and ask or do you like the big surprise like on a foot ball screen at the stadium any sugestions?

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    Christmas is a good time to ask. Because it will be a year and a half. About the big questions depends on her personality. You know her best what do you think she would like. I think you should do it in front of her whole family. That would be a real nice surprice. Don't give hints that it is coming. Other good times is birthdays, v-day, but Christmas Eve would be my favorite.

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    I suggest you first:

    Do a credit check

    Do a criminal background check

    Do std testing

    If she passes all of these 3 checks, then I'd ask her to marry me.

    But first, if her father is alive, ask him for her hand in marriage.

    My brother put engagement ring inside a Cadburry egg and

    gave it to his girlfriend.

    Yes women like it when a man proposes on bended Knee.

    Personally I like other precious stones better than diamonds which have more color. I would look on Ebay with her as they have many incredible rings at a fraction of the normal cost including diamond engagement rings. I would let her help you

    select a ring as she will be the one wearing it for a lonnnng time.

    However, if you want to make it a total surprise, you need to find out her ring finger size. I had a solitary diamond and disliked how it always swiveled around my finger and wouldn't stay centered. I also disliked how it projected out as it frequently snagged on things and it damaged the setting.

    Personally I like rose gold the best over white and yellow gold. It is magnificent. There are platinum rings and some are made of platinum and gold, stainless steel and gold, and these are dazzling.

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    You have to kneel! And no one can really answer when u should ask. You will know when the time is right. But make it at a special moment. Not just like after dinner or something like that. Pop the question at a time when u both have a special moment together, if u know what I mean. Oh, but I don't mean after sex...

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    If u love her as u say then anytime is a good time. I understand u want to do it in a nice sweet way and u can do that too. But if u would to wait then do it on New Yr's Eve that way u can star a great new yr with her, but alone the way U should let het know yr gonna do it, but hint that ur gonna do it and always make her know u love her very much.

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    If you think you're ready to pop the question, go ahead. Everyone is different. But only if you think you're ready. Christmas Eve is a great time to propose. But you really don't have to wait that long and when proposing, do whatever seems more comfortable to you. Good Luck!

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    If you think you're ready to settle down then do it, if she's the one you're ready to spend the rest of your life with then i think you should go all out for her. Me personally i think on the football field is very romantic because you're letting the world know that you're in love with this one woman. So GOOD LUCK to you and her, and I hope you all have a very prosperous marriage and keep prayers in your marriage..

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    if it was me i think that its something you should do in private. it something that at the moment only you two share. a memory is a priceless treasure and you wouldnt want no big screen to screw it up or no football come flyin at you.just joking but perosonally i think it would be more romantic if you did it in private. and yes it would be even more romantic if you got down on one knee. if shes hinting for a daimond you might make sure to get that instead of something else. do it on a date that feels comfortable.

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    WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!?! If you love her do it soon. Don't wait for a holiday just because it might make it more special. You don't need anything else to make this special, this is a wonderful thing all on its own! Time and place isn't as important as you might think. Congrats on finding her! Best wishes...

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    i would personally like the kneel (more romantic). but whatever you think she likes. i would either do it on new years day/eve/ 12:00 that day.

    or on valintines day.

    and i would wait maybe another 6 months at least.

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    i personally like the traditional kneel bc/ its more romantic

    and i wouldn't pop the question around any holidays- that way u have like holidays year round!!!!

    well good luck!!!!!!

    and congrats in advance

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