How do I remove gel nails?

Had gel nail extensions last Friday and already two have pinged off! The others are starting to lift at the corners and I would like to remove them. How can I do this without damaging my nails?


Have used acetone and the tips are now off but I'm still left with a layer of gel on the nail bed. How can I remove this?

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    1 decade ago
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    You need to soak them off in acetone, the quickest way to do this is get a bowl off hot water and place the acetone in a glass or china bowl(not plastic or metal) inside the bowl of warm water so it warms the acetone (but the 2 liquids arn't mixing) when your fingertips are in the bowl get some one else to put tinfoil around your hands and the bowls and cover with towels to keep the heat in the heat speeds up the process leave for 10 minutes the nail so now be easy to scrap off with an orange stick, leave for longer if its still quite solid, once u have scraped off as much as possible gentle file the excess off with a soft nail file such as a white spongey block, then finish by using a buffer to give your nails a healthy shine, i also recommend you use a cuticle oil as your nail plate will feel a bit weaker then usaul.

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    gently scuff up the surface of the nail with nail file and then soak them in acetone and a little baby oil. the baby oil will help stop the acetone drying ur nails too much. as the gel goes runny, rub it off with kitchen towel and repeat til all gone. would recommend a manicure after tho. u can get acetone from boots or beauty shops.

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    Soak them off in Pure Acetone polish remover. You can get it at just about any beauty supply store.

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    nail varnish remover

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