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Comfort turns me on .. normal?

I've found that comfort is my main turn on :s When I used to have a girlfriend, if they wore comfy clothes lyk tracksuits or just different things, that was a turn on, or things like snugglin, huggin etc. Is it normal? Thanks, Tom


Teach1, I hope u aint takin the mick

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    hey u would be the right guy for me hehe im always being annoyed by my family to wear skirts blouses girly stuff lol but i like ma trackies and trainers lol

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    Yes I think thats great that you find woman a turn on in there comfortable clothes, just means she doesnt have to make much of an effort to doll (which can be a pain).. I love lounging around in my tracksuits etc...........Just make sure you dont get too lazy and forget how to use a shower/washing machine, after that more luck to you..........

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    mmm! not sure in your case. Sounds a bit like you dont want to make any effort, and the lazier your girlfriend is the lazier you can be. However, if it works for you go for it. Just remember to turn the shower on every day and wear clean clothes. After that it doesnt really matter

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    nothing is normal so sont worry about it! :)

    just means a woman doesnt have to try hard to impress you, which from my point of view is great!! i love wearing comfy clothes, and favourite part of being with someone is cuddling up on the sofa watching tv.

    so if your not normal neither am i! :)

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    I think that's lovely, that you find a woman attractive when she is relaxed and comfy, not when she is tarted up to then nines, possibly in very uncomfy clothes/shoes. You are perfectly normal - fret you not!

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    if it works for you Tom then it is normal.

    Nobody is getting hurt or used so yes, comfy is nice.

  • R.I.P.
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    It's a throwback to your childhood! Did you used to rub the labels on your vest while you sucked your thumb?! Did you have a blanky?!!!!! Whatever floats your boat!

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    Comfort was a paramedic on Casualty , she used to turn me on ,must have been the uniform ! :-0

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    That's good for you, considering that is pretty much all they will ware after a while. You see once she feels she "have" you she thinks it's ok to look frumpy

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    Why couldnt i have married a nice relaxed guy like yourself!

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